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Watch the video of this Man talking about the REALITY of our Country which will leave you speechless!

Watch the video and then you decide that whatever this man said is 100% accurate or not. He has spoken about the reality which we all were unaware of.

The man delivering the speech in this video has a lot to talk about from the changes and impact of LPG on culture and lack of respect. The video uploaded by a Facebook user, Sanjivani Lanjewar shows how this man’s every word is full of fierce and truthfulness.

You have to watch this video:

Posted by Sanjivani Lanjewar on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

But we all know that there is always a way to improve. So why not each one of us take this responsibility and bring that change? And change not only this man’s mind but also everyone’s mind who thinks the same about India! But who is to be blamed at the end?

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