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On Your Marks See – Vir Das’ Message for Kids with Exam results

Vir Das gives an incredible message via his new viral video – “On Your Marks See”. See what he has to say

The standup comedian has hit the nail on the head yet again in this video on board exam results. He gives out the perfect advice to every student who is shit worried about his/her board results right now. Watch the video and chill.

The very day when the board results were declared, he came up and posted this video saying:

The reason I made this video is pretty simple. I messed up my 12th boards and was on the verge of some pretty crazy behaviour and it took some good friends, some great advice & about one week for me to realise that these exams DO NOT DEFINE YOU!! ONLY YOU, DEFINE YOU!

There’s nothing you can do about any exam results, but there’s so much more to your future. I hope this video makes you see that. Great minds & great lives don’t always have great mark sheets.If you know someone who has done well, or hasn’t, is happy with his/her results, or isn’t, is worried about their child, or aren’t…..I hope sharing this video with them makes them smile. All the best for the future!

ON YOUR MARKS – Vir Das’ Message for Kids with Exam results.

I wrote this for all those kids and parents out there who are waiting for the dreaded Board Exam results. Hope you enjoy it. It’s a little slice of life in 3 minutes. All the very best for your future 🙂

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