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Nestle Maggi Noodles are now found safe by Govt-Approved Lab!

After living the depressing life without Maggi since a month, this news is now favoring Maggi. The Govt-approved Lab’s tests showed Maggi is safe to eat!

Should we say that our prayers are coming true? Or should we say that #MeriMaggi was never unsafe to consume and it was just a conspiracy? The Reason – How can in one lab, it’s been found unsafe with high lead and MSG while even UK’s lab tests showed that Maggi was healthy to eat! And now all of a sudden after the Nestle had challenged against this decision, Maggi is now found safe by Government approved Lab! Quite an Irony in reality!

We are happy to tell you that these days might soon be back!

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But what about those 27,000 tonnes of Maggi worth Rs. 320 Cr. which were destroyed? That’s what is making us sad!

Well, let’s focus on the good news! It’s been more than a month that we all are greeding for Maggi and its soulful taste. Our life seemed devastated since the moment it was taken off the shelves and when we realised we didn’t have any extra packets left in our kitchen drawers!

Nestle Maggi Noodles are now found safe by Govt-Approved Lab! Maggi packets


The FSSAI-approved laboratory of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) has found Maggi noodles to be in compliance with the country’s food safety standards. CFTRI had tested five samples sent by Goa Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when Maggi was banned in June in the wake of findings in Uttar Pradesh and other states that the instant noodles brand had lead levels beyond permissible limits.

“CFTRI finding shows that samples are in compliance with the food safety standards as per the Food Safety and Standards Rules, 2011,” Goa FDA director Salim A Veljee told PTI.

Goa FDA had sent the Maggi noodles samples to Mysore-based CFTRI for retesting of the safety of instant noodles after FSSAI expressed apprehensions on state FDA’s initial report, which had found lead within permissible limits.

Meanwhile, Nestle India’s new chief Suresh Narayanan had said that bringing the instant noodles brand back to the market is his top priority as he sought to strike a conciliatory note with authorities.


We just cannot express the amount of happiness and joy and satisfaction we are going through because of this news! This is surely going to be one of the best news to hear this time! We just hope that even other lab’s tests should be positive and supporting Maggi as a healthy product for consumption! Finally #BringBackOurMaggi is going to be true and we cannot be more happy about it and we bet you too!

So it’s true, #TasteBhiHealthBhi!

(with inputs from HT)

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