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Mumbai Local Train overshoots buffer and chrashes at Churchgate Railway Station

In a tragic incident on Sunday, a Mumbai Local train overshoots the buffer crashes at the Churchgate Railway Station at Platform No. 3. Watch the video.

Here is an exclusive video:


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It is a serious lapse and the motorman L Tiwari and the guard of the train have been taken for medical treatment. One coach got damaged and the OHE too got snapped because of the accident according to TOI.

local train crashes at churchgate

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The incident occurred around 11:40 am on Sunday morning. The buffer is a safety device to stop trains and absorb the shock in case a train overshoots and half of the first coach went through the platform.

local train crash in mumbai

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“There were four passengers who sustained minor injuries. The motorman LS Tiwary has also sustained injuries. The coach was badly damaged” said Shailendra Kumar, the divisional railway manager of the Western Railway.

“Being Sunday the platform was not so crowded, else it would have resulted in a big disaster,” added Kumar – PTI

train crashes at platform 3 in churchgate

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A senior railway official said, “The train usually enters into the platform at the speed of 30 kmph. We have to examine whether the train was over-speeding or if the motorman failed to apply the brakes at the right moment.”

mumbai local train

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local train sidetracked

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The Eye-witnesses claimed that as soon as the train hit the buffer, the train got decoupled and jumped the front of the platform.

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