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Narendra Modi shows on Google for #Top10Criminals list & Twitter is exploding

Facebook & Twitter are exploding with the hashtag #Top10Criminals as Narendra Modi shows up in the Google Search Results for the top 10 criminals.

Earlier today #Top10Criminals hashtag started trending on Twitter & Facebook. Reason? Google was showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image.

As a result, people on Twitter & Facebook have exploded by bashing Google for their algorithm. People started accusing Google to update their algorithm & remove all the results showing the images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image.

As of now, over 15,000 tweets have mentioned #Top10Criminals and it’s counting. Here are some of the tweets where people are raging






What Google India has to say?

Quartz contacted Google India regarding this matter and this what they have to say:

“Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or ‘clues’ that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for. In image search, these signals include things like the terms on websites surrounding the image, the metadata associated with the picture,” a Google India spokesperson told Quartz.

What People Need to Understand?

Google aren’t showing those results because they want to, they reply on over 200 different metrics and ranking factors before showing the results for a particular keyword. So instead of raging on the social media, a polite request would lead to a faster solution.

People from other parties are quickly jumping to play the blame game and other acquisition. Here we are:

We would request people to stop raging on the internet and instead politely tweeting Google India for a removal request.

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