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Indian Army hands back a Pakistani boy with Clothes & Sweets!

This is not the first time when how patiently our Indian Army behaves. Their endless efforts make us realise that how lucky are we and how secure we are at our homes because of them.

We all know that how much efforts our India Army puts in for us. We cannot return the favour to them even though they never complain about anything. Their hard work over the boundary and all over the country doesn’t need any proof as we can all see and feel that how safe we are from the trespassers in our country.

In a recent case, Indian Army has again showed the world that they are ‘Real Heroes With Hearts’.

Indian Army officials in Tanghdar sector on Saturday handed over an 11-year-old boy from Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir (PoK), who had accidentally crossed the Line of Control (LoC) two days ago, to Pakistan Army officials.

What happened?

Indian Army hands back a Pakistani boy with Clothes & Sweets!

Sameer Kayani son of Mohammad Rafiq from Laswa Athmuqam (PoK) who was intercepted by troop deployed in the forward areas after he accidentally crossed this side of the border on Thursday.

“The boy was handed over on Saturday by the unit based at Tanghdar frontier area to the Pakistan Army at Teetwal crossing point with new clothes and sweets for the family,” the spokesperson said.

Soon after the boy was apprehended by the troops, the Indian army took the initiative and sent an urgent hotline message to the Pakistan side. The message was initiated to inform the Pakistan Army of the safety and well-being of Sameer along with a request for a Flag meeting so that the individual could be repatriated and united with his family at the earliest.

“The flag meeting was held at the Teetwal crossing point on 4th July 2015 in the afternoon and individual was handed over to representatives of Pakistan Army,” the spokesperson said.

Source: Ministry of Defence, Government of India

This sweet gesture from Indian Army made us feel more proud of them again. They had never disappointed us and never will in future. This shows that how such situations can be handled properly with utter peace and love.

We salute you Indian Army.

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