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A Die-Hard Fan Took the Word “Inspiration” Very Seriously

A Die-Hard Fan Took the Word “Inspiration” Very Seriously by ripping off the Liverpool logo and replacing it for Gurukul Public School.

An “unknown” graphic designer supposedly a true die-hard fan of Liverpool took the word “Inspiration” very seriously by copying the entire logo of one of the famous English Premier League Team; Liverpool.

The designer got so inspired that he replaced the term “Liverpool Football Club” with “Gurukul Public School” and handed over to the School Administrator.

One funny note, this shows English Premier League is not that famous in the city of Kundapur where the officials are completely unaware of this situation.

Where is the School Located?

Gurukul Public School is situated in Udupi Karnataka and here is the correct address: Anupam Enclave, Halady Road, Vakwady, Koteshwara, Kundapur.

What do the Officials have to say about this?

We have contacted the officials on their email that we found but haven’t received any reply until now. The school doesn’t have an official website yet.


India has highly under-estimated the designing community by paying them extremely less and asking them to complete a lot more work with a tight deadline. We hope after this post, the people consider designers seriously and start paying them well so that they can invest their time and come up with innovative designs instead of inspired ones.

  • HonestReviewer

    When the newspaper says it in Dharamshala, why do say the school is in ududpi ? Would a school in ududpi give an ad in a newspaper in Dharamshala?

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