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Google launches “I’m Feeling Curious” Feature Will Keep You Away From Getting Bored!

Feeling bored? Don’t be now! Google has got a unique feature for you all. Just type, “I’m feeling curious” or “Fun Facts” and let Google help you further.

We search a lot on Google when we are bored and Google knows that. Google is now trying to let you increase your knowledge endlessly rather than letting you search any weird stuff.

Do a Google Search for “fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious”. That’ cool, isn’t it?

fun facts

Google has introduced a nifty little trick, almost an Easter Egg, that shows up random bits of trivia when you enter those search terms. Which country first adopted time zones, for instance? (check out the screenshot above if you’re, you know, curious). What kind of alcohol is safe to drink?(turns out to be Ethanol.) LOL. And How fast does a crack in glass travel? ( 3,000 miles per hour.). Wow.

You can see how addictive this can get very quickly especially since there’s a big, blue Ask Another Question button that you can keep pressing for an endless supply of awesome trivia.

Google pulls all this information from other websites with a link to each, so no, it won’t take responsibility for the accuracy of any of this information. But hey, it’s still a fun way to kill some time.

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