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Gateway of India: Rs 1000 notes found Floating in Water!

Several local residents recovered the Rs 1,000 notes from the sea near the Gateway of India Tuesday afternoon. Where the money came from is still unknown.

People do throw waste into the sea, but this is something odd. The whole city started panicking out when there was a buzz about Rs 1000 denominations been floating into the Gateway of India river.

Local fishermen, swimmers and hawkers spotted the money first mostly Rs. 1,000 notes and jumped across the wall to retrieve the cash. People sat on the wall, staring into the sea for hours, waiting to spot a note.

Gateway of India: Rs 1000 notes found Floating in Water!

source: Suke India

What did the people say?

Colaba resident Harichandra Somar, “I heard that currency notes were floating in the water near Gateway and when I rushed to the spot I saw several notes close to the sea wall. Since it was low tide, I immediately climbed down and picked up two Rs 1,000 notes. I rushed home and handed them to my family. I then made two more rounds and collected three more Rs 1,000 notes. After collecting Rs 5,000, I didn’t return as the water level began rising due to high tide.”

Fort resident S Wakil managed to grab just one Rs 1,000 note. He tried making a second attempt, but by then the police had arrived.

Santosh Pawar, a hawker from Colaba, also rushed to the spot as word spread. He managed to get hold of only one Rs 1,000 note before the cops detained him. He said, “Apne bachcho ko achha khana khilaunga” (I will buy my children a good meal with the money).

Around 4 pm, S K Shakil climbed up the wall with a Rs. 1,000 note. He said, “I will donate it to the Masjid”.

Gateway of India: Rs 1000 notes found Floating in Water!

(Fort resident S Vakil (top pic) got hold of a single Rs 1,000 note, but Colaba resident Harichandra Somar (centre) found five Rs 1,000 notes. Santosh Pawar (just above) got just one note, before running into the cops. source: Mumbai Mirror)

And from where did the notes came from?

There have been many theories going around like, Some said that they heard someone say that a foreigner threw a bundle of notes into the water and dared passersby to help themselves.

Some said the money was thrown into the sea by some unidentified wealthy person who was trapped by robbers at the Gateway around noon. To get rid of the thieves, he threw the bundle of money into the sea, rumoured to contain a few lakh rupees.

Another theory was that the money may have come from a garland made of currency notes, the kind often used for religious ceremonies. But there has been no confirmation by Police on any of the theories.

What did Police say?

A Colaba police officer said, “We detained three people who said they collected Rs 1,000 each from the water. We released them after recording their statements.”


We just hope that if someone didn’t throw the notes on purpose should soon register a complaint regarding the same.

(Image Source: Mumbai Hd) (News source: With Inputs from Mumbai Mirror)

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