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Oh Flipkart! I Trusted You So Much! Gets Caught offering Fake Discounts to the Customers

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant in India earlier got caught for offering fake discounts to their customers. It’s a shame and this is not the first time they have got into the lights for dirty strategy.

Flipkart is one among the leading e-commerce website with millions of users. It has also been always in the limelight by people trolling at its mistakes. This time it is, what we call as “Show Customers the High MRP and Discount it back to the Original MRP” news.

I guess it’s not just me who relied on Flipkart first but almost all of you for every purchase or to check out stuff than any other e-commerce website. But, well I guess that Flipkart couldn’t resist such a massive customer base and is surely willing to lose their loyal customers these days. This is not the first time when people targeted Flipkart as ‘Flopkart’ or should I say that ‘History repeats itself?’

What is this Flipkart Fake Discount News all about?


Well, a guy named Mr. Mani Shankar Sen posted a screenshot on Flipkart’s Facebook page. The picture was of a pair of Women’s Sandals. The MRP was written on Flipkart’s website as Rs. 799 and below was shown the discounted “50% off” price as Rs. 399.

If you can see the zoomed part of the image, on the Strap of the sandal it is shown that the actual MRP of the product was printed Rs. 399 by the manufacturer. Played well with the numbers, Flipkart!


What Flipkart has to say regarding this issue?

Flipkart responded to the issue by saying-

 “Flipkart is a marketplace which helps sellers connect with customers across the country. We have investigated the incident and after receiving the full report we have suspended the sellers. Flipkart adopts a zero tolerance policy towards any instances where the seller has sold a product above the MRP stated on the label. When found in violation of our policy, sellers are suspended and further blacklisted. Flipkart takes utmost care in ensuring that product information on the marketplace is not misleading and for this, we rely on our sellers to share correct information with us.”

What FableFeed has to say about this issue?

The trick of quoting a higher price and then giving the discount to fool their customers is quite an old one. Flipkart is a huge e-commerce business with many employees working under it. If still these mistakes happen, we guess it is the error of your team and not that of the seller. In the end, it is been sold through your website, and so you have to take care of each and every product that has been listed on your website. We are pretty surprised to see such carelessness from your team. Next time, please don’t try to fool your customers. They can disown you within no time.

Check out the video below

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