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Flipkart Flops Again! Delivers Mangoes to a customer instead of phone and also tries to threaten him!

Yes, Flipkart is in the news again, after a recent scamming attempt, Flipkart this time delivered Mangoes to a customer instead of a Phone.

After a recent scamming attempt by Flipkart where they were caught offering fake discounts, Flipkart is back in the news again.

Flipkart is so generous that when a guy named Chiluveri Srucharan, a resident of Jagtial in Telangana, placed an order of a phone on Flipkart, they sent him mangoes instead of a phone. Such a magnoliaceous delivery Flipkart!


What happened?

On 26th May 2015, Mr. Srucharan placed an order for an Asus Zenphone 5 worth Rs. 8,099 on Flipkart Mega Sale and instead of a phone he was delivered with a box containing a couple of mangoes.

Flipkart Mango

Image Source: Cloudfront

What happened further?

Surprised to see the contents in the box, Mr. Srucharan immediately contacted Flipkart’s Customer Service Team and they promised him the refund within 24-hours. When later there was no refund from their side, Flipkart promised him to give him the original product instead.

But when he didn’t receive the original product too he again contacted the Flipkart customer service team. Here is what they said,

“We would like to inform you that your recent replacement order has been cancelled as we have noticed an unwarranted return, which do not comply with our Returns Policy.”

Pissed off customer Mr. Srucharan replied,

“I have been getting varied answers whenever I complain about the wrong delivery. In a mail sent by representatives of the e-commerce company, they even threatened to block my order if I took this issue to the social media. I am planning to take help of a consumer forum if this problem is not addressed soon”.

Oh Flipkart, why don’t you learn from your mistakes? Threatening your customers would seriously lead you nowhere but you are surely losing our trust on you.

  • jitendra

    How can you believe such joke, its 100% fake attempt to get his money back as he don’t like the phone.

    • This is not the only case, Flipkart has a history for not delivering the correct products.

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