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British Airways asked Sachin Tendulkar his full name and his Fans are going crazy!

Sachin Tendulkar’s tweeted about his displeasure with British Airways. Their response made Sachin’s fans go crazy; trolls back the BA in a hilarious way!

Social Media is one powerful weapon to either appreciate someone or to thrash someone in one moment. The same happened with the British Airways today.

Sachin Tendulkar was very upset with British Airways and expressed it on Twitter due to two reasons:

And in the prompt response, British Airways tweeted him back saying this:

And now, just see the results:

Tanmay Bhatt from All India Bakchod also stepped in with his Marathi Version:

And then these few more:

And then there are more than 40k twitterati’s lashing out the British Airways!

Good luck to the person who is handling their Twitter Account!

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