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Army Truck mashed a Car; Officer says it’s Futile to file a case!

It’s sad to see how much privilege Indian Army gets even if they commit such offences which are against the law while a common man is punished for the same.

In India where our PM Narendra Modi started the campaign of #SelfieWithDaughter to promote Gender Equality and made people understand the value of having a daughter. Where we promote Freedom of Speech and Right to Equality everywhere. Where we all fight for having equal rights but then why only common people have to fight? Why?
VIPs, Celebrities, Government Officials and now few Army Men are using this freedom for their privilege? Is this our Country made up of?

On Wednesday, 8th July, a Military Truck mashed Ranjeeta Kaur’s car from behind in Pune and didn’t even felt to apologize her for their mistake. The Military truck driver refused to get down to talk her and tried to run away from the accident spot. There was her little 9-year-old-girl daughter in the backseat of the car who sprained her neck due to the sudden jerk but escaped unhurt. This shows how civilised few Army Men are!

Army Truck mashed a Car; Officer says its Futile to file a case!

What’s next? When she contacted the senior officer present over there, he was very unapologetic and calm about the accident. He said her that she was wasting her time on this incident because no action would be taken against Army Men while they are on duty.

Army Truck mashed a Car; Officer says its Futile to file a case!
(Ranjeeta posted this photo captioning, “This is the senior ranked officer who said It will be futile to follow up the incident”).
Even after filing a case against them the Pune Police Officer said that filing a case would be futile since the army is typically exempted from being punished for such offences.

Here’s what Ranjeeta posted about the whole incident on her Facebook account which made us feel embarrassed of having such Military Men in our country.

Today (8th July 2015, Wednesday) while I was returning home after picking up my little daughter from St. Mary’s school…

Posted by Ranjeeta Kaur on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Every Indian citizen is equal and they have to follow the law. Army people are known for their civilized nature but if this is how they behave then it is extremely wrong. They did a mistake so they should be punished for it. But at the end, we don’t know what’s the exact story. FableFeed is not blaming every Army Men and this article contains the views based on the various news published about the same. We just want that justice should be given to all and no person in this country whatsoever position they held or the work they do should be granted unnecessary freedom.
No person is above the law!

Images Source: Ranjeeta Kaur’s Facebook Profile

Update: The respective lady, Ranjeeta Kaur has deleted the post on Facebook. FableFeed is not liable for any further occurrences regarding the same.

  • KirAn TeJa

    To Aishwarya Goenka,
    1.You don’t know the other side of the incident. So Posting this Purely on the basis of the lady’s account is illogical. Unless you were a witness otherwise.
    2.You are not allowed to post Photos of Army Personnel in uniform online.
    3.There is a proper procedure for such incidents and a Court of conduct takes place.
    4.The compensation if any granted is paid by the concerned Army Unit.
    5. Army drivers are the finest and are trained to follow all Traffic rules.
    6. Regarding the driver “trying to run away ” ? Seriously ? No Man/woman in army uniform would do that. Ma’am our soldiers are trained to be gentlemen, not a coward. If it’s their fault then the stand-up and take the blame in their face.
    7. You don’t even have little idea of the kind od disciplinary action which is taken against the soldier by the Army officials and the resulting punishment.
    8. You saw just one incident like this on Facebook and chose to post it without even verifying the actual event ? jumping to conclusions? And even posting this? Iw ould like to know how many times you’ve posted for the Army men who lose their lives by falling into a deep gorge or slipping off a cliff in the same kind of trucks while commuting on the Icy roads of Leh ?
    This post is a disgrace.

  • KirAn TeJa

    And please stop merging “VIPs, Celebrities, Government Officials” with the Army men. I’m pretty sure that these people don’t go through the kind of tough and intense training that an Army personnel undergoes. Show some respect for the lives that were sacrificed, are being sacrificed and surely will be sacrificed in the future too.
    Give me one name of a VIP or Government officials or the so-called “celebrities” who has laid his/her life for common man?

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