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After making #DespiteBeingAWoman comment, Narendra Modi faces a lot of criticism.

After making the comment #DespiteBeingAWoman, Twitter exploded and PM Narendra Modi faces a lot of criticism from people all over India about his comment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s good side is getting him a lot of criticism, and he didn’t even have thought about it. The eloquent politician is again in the news because of his statement, and people do not like it.

Despite Being A Women


What exactly happened?

At an event hosted by the University of Dhaka, Mr. Modi said while delivering the lecture, “I am happy to say that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is saying boldly that she has zero tolerance toward terrorism.  I would like to congratulate Sheikh Hasina for her firmness to deal with the menace.”

Though he made this comment to praise Sheikh Hasina but people on Twitter are criticizing it as ‘sexist’ and “chauvinistic”. Soon #DespiteBeingAWomen Started trending everywhere and people expressed their opinions regarding this statement.

And Twitter is flooded with mixed reactions!


We hope that things end in a good way.

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