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A Teacher’s Free Virtual School has more than 70,000 Students

Roshni Mukherjee had started in her own way to teach children through Free Online Educational Videos on Youtube which now has more than 70,000 Students.

There are few people in the world whose love to help others and not just earn money. With money becoming so powerful these days, people are running behind it and are finding various ways to earn huge amounts. But having such people among us who wishes to offer help for free are very rare.

One such influential woman, Roshni Mukherjee found a way to teach thousands of students for free of cost. Roshni wanted to do Ph.D. and become a teacher but after her father’s death she had to work in an MNC. But four years ago she started a Virtual School in an attempt to reach out to thousands of students.

A Teacher's Free Virtual School has more than 70,000 Students

She launched to post video lessons for classes 9 to 12, and her YouTube channel has more than 70,000 subscribers lately. As technology offered the best solution, she started uploading tutorial videos on YouTube and has shared more than 3,800 videos in the past four years. She uses Powerpoint slideshow and a microphone to explain the concepts. As there was a good response, she started posting more video lessons.

What does Roshni have to say?

“It began when my maid told me her two children kept failing in their exams because teachers in the government school in Tamil Nadu, where they studied, would rarely come to class. These were the children I wanted to reach out to,” she said.

“After seeing the videos, students started asking doubts in the comments section and also requested for video lessons on specific topics. I was happy to help. The channel was starting to make a little money from Google ads and I added a contribute button for those who wished to do so. I plan to keep the videos entirely free because only then can I reach a lot more students,” she added.

Now, Roshni wants her videos to reach the remotest corners of the country. For this, she has to translate the videos into regional languages. “That is the next course of action -making these videos into regional languages such as Kannada, Tamil and Bengali,” she said.
Over time, Roshni hopes to expand her classes to junior grades and also subjects such history and geography.

Currently, her Website and Youtube channel has educational video lessons on Physics, Maths, Chemistry & Biology for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12.

(Source: Times Of India)

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