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5 Animated Movies That Will Make You Remember Childhood

Animated Movies are the best way to express your feelings, these 5 movies will make you a child once again.

Children’s in 2015 can’t experience what a child from 90’s did, guys and girls who are in their 20’s are the luckiest ones to live in the 90’s era.

90’s time was extremely simple and decent; we experienced some of the best movies of that era.

Animated films were the easiest way to make anyone happy and spend the vacations happily.

We should admit, even today, whenever we watch those 90’s movies it reminds us our childhood.

1. Aladdin:

Aladdin was an Arab based animated movie in which we have seen Aladdin go through different situations to get the princess, and his best friend Genie helps him in every trouble.

Aladdin was a hit and loved by the children of all the ages, even adults enjoyed. The graphics, animations and dialog delivery were incredible.

The movie was fantastic with great subject and lesson of bravery.



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2. Toy Story Series:

Toy story is one of the best-animated series ever produced.

The series talks about the feelings of toys and how the children should treat them.

The movie taught the kids a lesson that they should take care of their toys and keep them close to their heart.

The stories are crafted very innocently and can make you shed tears.


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3. Tarzan:

Tarzan is a story about a child who becomes the lord of the jungle by adopting the rules of the jungle, and he learns survival tricks.

The Animals of the Jungle raised him and by eliminating the evil powers from the jungle he becomes the Lord.

The Gorilla raised him and guided the Tarzan at every step like his father. The movie is about highlights around the human and animal relationship.


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4. The Lion King Series:

The lion king was about the adventurous journey of the little cub Simba.

The lion king was a musical epic movie with the excellent graphics and sound effects.

The lesson of the film was, how to go through the terrible time with the brave attitude. Regardless of your size, you will achieve what you want to if you are passionate about your destiny.

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5. The Iron Giant:

The iron giant was a science fictional animated movie for childrens.

The story was about the boy who discovers the robot that fell from the space.

It’s all about the bonding between the child and the robot. The movie played a vital role in developing children’s interest towards the science and technology and is one of the best movies of all time.

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Which are some of your favorite animated movies of all time? Leave a comment.

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