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Men do have hearts, Just try to feel it, Ladies!!

In any Relationship, be it that of a Best Friends, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, or may be Husband-Wife, to make it work, men have to follow just one simple universal rule –

‘Even if the fault is of the women, the one who has to apologize is the men!’ It is the traditional rule that every guy has to follow or else dude; you will be in a great trouble, and you know that. The reason a girl loves an apology from a guy is because she feels safe that the relation between them is still rocking.

pillow fight

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Ladies, have you ever tried to feel what they think and feel? Have you ever attempted to understand how important the relation is for them? Have you seen and felt the intensity in their eyes for you? Have you ever tried to know why do they always listen to you? Well, Ladies, it is the time that we should say them a Big Fat Thank You for everything they have done!

But the most important thing, have you ever realized that why do men apologizes every time? It is not so easy to guess but well let’s find out the reasons behind it:

1. The Comfort Level:

comfort level

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  • A guy cannot be comfortable talking to every other girl. He may be an extrovert, but then there are always few girls or maybe just one, in his life with whom his compatibility is just awesome.
  • And, to make that comfort level more comfortable, guys always bend down which is the best part of them. *Kudos to that relation!*

2. The Fear of Losing You:

fear of losing you

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  • Yes, guys do fear of losing their partners and female friends with whom they share a comfort level that no one could ever understand.
  • They will never show that fear to anyone around him. Though deep inside he will always want you to stay with him forever. *Well, that is a man-thing!*

3. The Sweetheart Him:

The sweetheart him

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  • I bet you, girls, you have that one sweetheart BFF, which you could never let go. And yes, because he can realize that sweetness in you, they will never regret of apologizing every time.
  • The Sweetheart part of him won’t ever let your smile fade away because of that one fight. *Aww!*

4. To avoid further arguments:

avoid arguements

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  • Be it your Husband, Boyfriend, or a Friend, they will surely not want the female temperature to rise more than before.
  • At the end of the day, they care about their safety too. The safety, from the female furious words. Well, in this case, their decision to apologize to end the fight or conversation should be appreciated. *Smart Move Guys!*

5. To spend some more quality time with you:

spend time

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  • The love of your life wants to spend the maximum time of the day with you, but then that sparking arguments spoils the mood of both of you for sure.
  • Well, the way of apologizing may vary from a simple sorry to a surprising sorry.Anyways, the smile you will have on your face later on would be the best moment for him to make his day complete. *How romantic!*

6. They just want you to be happy:

to keep you happy

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  • Well, men care more than we could ever imagine. They would surely not love the drama of a female hormone slamming the door sternly on his face because of a heated argument.
  • Even in a Phone conversation, he will not enjoy your silent anger. Though he hates it but only because you are so special to him, his calmness will all the way melt your anger. *That’s their beauty!*

7. To make you feel good:

feel good

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  • Your guy may be short tempered, a little aggressive, or very furious but then at the end of the day you love him with all his flaws and he knows that.
  • He will always try to step forward despite knowing the flaws he has and how much you still hate them. They will never cease to amuse you with their apology. *How sweet!*

8. The Not-So-Male-Ego:

no male ego

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  • Every guy has a Male Ego in them but then in front of you, it has no value, and they know it. They could be whatever you want.
  • Be it your BFF, Boyfriend, or your Husband, what matters to them is your happiness. He can never see you upset and at the end of the day they step forward and apologize crushing their male ego for you. *Cheers for that!*

9. Their trick:


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  • Many a times, these guys will fight with you on purpose to see how much you care. Beware; he will try to fool you. Men love to tease their partners, and so does your BFF.
  • Oh Yes, he loves to see how much possessive you get for him and then later though he will apologize for his trick. *He surely cares for you*

Well, Ladies, there may be times when he doesn’t apologize first but then after knowing the beauty and purity of their heart why not we step ahead. Make him feel that yes he is a very special man to us, and even we cannot afford to lose him.

Thank them now for the efforts to put in to save your friendship or relationship. Trust me, they will never show their emotions to you but even guys love to get pampered more than a girl. They joyous and childish face of happiness will melt your heart and surely you would want nothing more from that. *Happy Moments!*