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If You Are Doing These! Then Dude You Are Turning Her Off!

Don’t! Just don’t do it, these 7 things is an instant turn off for any women you going to meet or date.

Women are mysterious to men, well said and accepted. Sometimes they constant try to understand women and often tends to make lame mistakes or assumptions or tricks. And the saddest part is, they still don’t get, that it might frustrate her or can ruin everything. But, do not worry scroll down to know the key points of things you should NEVER do if you don’t want to turn her off.

1) Body-hair or I say your private “man” grooves.

Hygiene-factor is not underrated and never will be. Remember? Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Same goes with girls too. Cleanliness is next to your girl. So just remove or trim them off.



2) That “exotic exhalation”.

Let’s not lose the track of cleanliness for a while. Maybe she won’t tell you or maybe she tried to tell. She eventually will start finding excuses to get away from you. Nothing turns a woman off more than a bad odour.

exotic exhalation


3) That fake Accent.

It’s changed! It’s different now! It’s fake! -_- She is with you for a reason, don’t give her a reason to leave you. After all, we are human beings, and which human likes faked-up things?

fake Accent


4) That fake YOU.

Pretending won’t help for long. Who want’s to be with a show-off maniac? Having things is good, showing them off? Yes, OFF! Turn OFF!

That fake YOU


5) Dress your dressing sense.

No girl wants to be with someone who got an awkward dressing sense. Pay attention to what she thinks about it. Go for occasion-wise dressing. Dress simply and always be confident about it.

Dress your dressing sense


6) “World Revolves Around Me” attitude.

No, Nothing as such is happening to be more diplomatic. The world got Global-Warming, Terrorism, Feminism and hell lot of issues to look up to 🙂 . Loving yourself is good, showing or saying it now and then. You are not the only pebble on the beach! O:)

World Revolves Around Me attitude


7) “I need you” clingy behaviour

Everyone likes receiving attention from their near and dear ones. But, you need to understand that spotlights can’t always be on you. Baby-Sitting is a huge turn-off too. If we wanted a child, we would have gone to the orphanage. #BeAMan

 I need you" clingy behaviour

So, next time when you happen to meet her, keep these things in your mind, your soul, your veins, your blood,  EVERYWHERE. We are not complicated, we see the world as a perfect place. We see nature as a perfect soothe, so we just want our better-half to be perfect? Nah! But Lil efforts won’t harm 🙂