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8 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy You Don’t Like

Looking to dump your guy because you want to? These amazing effect ways to get rid of a guy will help you to get rid of them.

Sometimes we don’t want to be in a relationship anymore with someone we are not comfortable with and we find ways to get rid of a guy. We can’t accept him as our love, but he is kind of sticky person who is not going to understand and always need chances to prove himself. He will never understand that it’s not about chances, but it’s all about feelings. As we girls don’t want to break heart of someone who is good to us, but we have our choice and if he is getting on your nerves now then try these suggestions by Fablefeed.

1. Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy: Evil Possessed:

If he wants you to stay with her all the time then nothing is good as to tell him that you are an evil possessed person. This evil is going to kill him if you ever think to marry him. If he is scared of ghosts and evils, then he will never look back to you.


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2. Lots Of Demands:

Be a demanding person and irritate him as much as you can. If he is willing to do anything for you then give him a list of your demands and see what is his reaction in return of your daily demands.

Lots Of Demands

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3. Don’t Like His Touch:

The best way to make him angry is to tell him you don’t like his touch and don’t want to be anywhere in public with him because it’s not comfortable and you never feel his touch in a way you should have. This an effect ways to get rid of a guy as he will be embarrased.

Don't Like His Touch

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4. Responsibilities Are Not Allowing You To Be In A Relationship:

Tell him boldly, that you are too busy and can’t afford the relationship kind of thing because you are a career oriented person and you want to focus on it. Ask him for the simple friendship because you can’t handle all the relationship dramas.

Responsibilities Are Not Allowing You To Be In A Relationship

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5. Leaving For Other Country:

Another way you can keep yourself away from him is to move away somewhere and tell him that you can’t handle long distance relationship so now it’s not possible for you to be in touch with him. Thereafter, he must find someone else for him who is good enough and deserving.

Leaving For Other Country

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6. No By Fortune Teller:

Fortune Teller Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy. In India fortune teller plays a great role in dating and marriage and if he is approving about the guy then you can blindly trust the person. Let him know that the fortune teller is not approving him for you and this relationship is not going to work anymore.

No By Fortune Teller

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7. No Compatibility:

Match your and his habits and let him know that you people are not compatible enough for this relationship and how you people will tolerate each other if you are so much different from each other, so no from your side. No Compatibility is the easiest ways to get rid of a guy

No Compatibility

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8. Nobody Is Happy With This Relationship:

Tell him that nobody is happy with this relationship, your friends and family are not approving him for the marriage and they want you to get married to the NRI Mehra’s son and you can’t afford to let them down.

Nobody Is Happy With This Relationship

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These steps will work but if these tricks get fail then marry him.

Leave your comment below and let us know if you applied these Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy trick yet and if they worked for you.