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12 Things that every Woman must have heard from her Beautician!

Visiting a Salon is a must for every girl since the moment she enters her teen life. But what’s annoying is when the they start advertising their products!

Salons are like a compulsory part of the women’s life and so obviously they cannot live without going to the salon. No matter how much qualified or rich she is and at which position she is, the salon is the only thing, no women can live without. Say it on wedding, on events and on various different occasions they have to look their best and in order to look beautiful they have to visit a salon.

We all know how these beautician guides us and there are several punch lines that we are tired of hearing again and again. Here are some of the famous lines of every salon’s beautician to which every woman can relate:

1. Your Hairs Are Totally Messed:

“Ma’am, what have you done to your hairs? They are totally looking like a mess. When you had your last cut?” Instead of relaxing their clients, sometimes they make us depress and the whole day we think about ourselves, like some ugly duckling.

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2. Your Skin Is About To Die, Use Our Products to Rejuvenate it:

“Your skin is dying ma’am, and I think you should use our products. These are the best products in the market and you should give it a try”. I know how good these products are.

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3. Visit The Salon Every Month:

“You should visit the salon every month to have services and in this way your skin will get better within few months. You are kind of looking old”. Stop teasing me psychologically.

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4. Take a Package to avail offers at a good price:

“We are offering discounts on different services so you should choose some services from our brochure and pick out a package”. Yeah, so instead of 1000 bucks I have to spend 3000 bucks now, right? And that too with bizarre terms and conditions secretly applied!

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5. Use Our Skin Miracle Lotion:

“While doing your facial, I noticed that your skin is so dry and if you are not going to do something then it will become much more dull. Use our miracle lotion and in a week you will get results”. I don’t mind using it but I know in reality I’ll be their victim of a waste product with no result.

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6. Book An Appointment With Our Experts:

“Ma’am, you should consult with our experts, they are amazing and they will guide you in a better way”. And all I have to submit is a heavy fee.

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7. You Should Choose an Anti-Aging Facial:

“Ma’am what’s wrong with you? Your skin is looking so old, I think you should choose an anti-aging facial for your skin and it’s not that expensive”. Not that expensive? She got to be kidding us!

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8. Our Experts Are Here, Pay a minimal fee And Have an Expert Opinion:

“Wow, how lucky you are, our experts are here and I think you should go there after submitting a minimal fee”. You mean I have to spend my whole pocket money just for an advice?

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9. Take Our Membership Plan:

“We have three kinds of plans like gold, silver and platinum. Which one would you like to choose?” None of them, Please!

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10. We Use Imported Products:

“We use all imported products and there is nothing you can complain about. These products are all safe for the skin”. Yeah, I know these are very safe. *Sarcastic Mode*

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11. Our Services are very Classy:

“Our services are outstanding and we can bet on this”. Yes and I am hearing this dialogue since I was 18 and from every salon I go to!

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12. Our prices are very cheap as compared to others:

“We can bet ma’am, that our prices are very cheap than others and nobody can compete with us on the quality service that we provide”. Yes, I do get that expensive fact!

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We all can relate to these lines because for at least once in our life, we all have heard these lines from the beautician we visit often!