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10 Things One Would Still Hate About Their Ex!

“Never mind, shit happens” is the only phrase we can use to describe our ex and now sometimes we wonder that why did we fell in love with them?

“Never mind, shit happens” is the only phrase we can use to describe our ex and now sometimes we wonder that why did we fell in love with them? Because now there is no way we can see anything good in them. Still where ever we face them, we hate some things about our past and their present habits as well. No matter if he/she is still our friend; we can’t stop hating some things because they are totally out of control. Let’s have a look at the list of what we hate about our Ex!

1. No Compromise:

After a breakup and after going through a heartbreaking situation, they never came back to apologize or even tried to make things better. Instead, they made us feel bad more by ignoring us and to flirt in front of us. No sensitivity at all.

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2. Remember You Only When They Are In Trouble:

They ping you on Facebook after a long time, not because they are missing you, but due to some problem that they are facing right now and they just want to use you for their own good. Selfish monster!

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3. New Partner, but Memorable Place:

The place where you both had spent most of the time together, he is present there again but with someone else and the thing which is very disturbing is the memories doesn’t make any difference to him. Face palm.

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4. Asking About Your Current Status:

“Get lost before I kill you”. How could they be so stupid to ask about our current status when they still know how much disturbing it is to talk about the relationships! URGHHH..!!!

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5. Sending Wrong Texts:

Sending romantic messages and various stupid stuff to us by mistake, but in reality they are doing this on purpose to show us how happy they are in their life. Go and get a life loser because I don’t care anymore.

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6. Statuses On Social Media:

Posting stupid statuses on social media for the new partner. Things they used to tell us in a relationship, now they are confessing the same things to their new partner. Liar, someday he/she will insult you too.

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7. Gifting the same thing to their new Partner:

Gifts you used to give him/her, now that loser is giving those gifts to his/her new partner. But dude, maybe like you, your new partner might be passing those gifts to someone else. You never know.

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8. Partying, But No Invitation:

He/She is partying with his/her friends, but still not inviting us. Because maybe they are scared that we will expose them in front of their new partner, but we are not a moron like our ex.

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9. Praising Their New Mate:

Wow, you never praised me, but now you are praising your new partner and telling everyone how beautiful he/she is. Well, not so beautiful in my opinion.

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10. No More Feelings:

We must say our Ex that are not humans because now they forget all good memories and they have no feelings now. Anyway, who cares man.

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To be honest, we shouldn’t care anymore about Ex because “Never mind, shit happens”.