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10 Things An Only Girl Experiences In The Boys Gang!

We all have groups in college but being an only girl in the boys gang is a complete different life. And that group is most talked about everywhere.

If you are a girl who always likes to stay in the boy gang and enjoy their company, then you can definitely relate yourself with this one. And if you are the only girl in the gang of boys then you have heard or experienced these things:

1. You Are Not A Girl:

Your friends will never consider you a girl and will talk about everything in front of you. Even sometimes you feel embarrassed about it, but well, it’s a fun talk, we all used to have in friends group.

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2. Solution Aunt:

You are the most useful person to them when they are going for a date with someone, then they need your advice as a girl. This is such an awkward situation to give advice to your friends because for the first time they are considering you a girl.

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3. Expert In Abusing:

You are expert in abusing as compared to the other girls who don’t like to sit in the boys gang. Your gang trained you for every situation and now you can fight with the boys as well with lots of new abusive words. Bravo.

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4. People’s Imagination:

You are tired of answering the same question again and again “Are you dating one of your friends in a group?”. Hell no, if we are together and talk so much, it doesn’t mean we are dating dude.

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5. No Advice For The Shopping:

On the events and college parties, you don’t have any female friend to go for shopping with you and you have to rely on your mother or maybe a cousin for the good advice in shopping. These boys know nothing about the girl’s choice.

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6. Girls Like To Be Your Friend:

Girls who have crushes on your friends would like to become your friend so that they can talk to the boys through you. This is a mean thing and most of us go through these situations because we are the only girl of that group.

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7. No Body Asks You Out:

Because you are always around the boys and they are so protective about you, guys think a lot before asking you out and the reason is because of your security guards.

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8. Their Girlfriends Hates You:

Sometimes you spend all your time to explain their girlfriends that you people are just friends and there is nothing more than that, but these girls are brainless and will never understand how the friendship works.

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9. Flood Of Compliments:

Whenever you dress like a girl and appears in front of your gang, they always give you compliments because, in their opinion, this is the first time you are looking like a girl. That’s so cute.

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10. Nickname Like Boys:

Your nickname is like a boy and sometimes they call you with such embarrassing names in front of everyone. But that’s how friendship works.

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At the end of the college life, this friendship gives us lots of memories and happy moments to remember for the lifetime.