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10 Health Benefits of Listening Music!

Music plays a very crucial role in our lives. Every single sound that strikes to your eardrum has a positive or negative influence on your overall health.

At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us.”- Joachim-Ernst Berendt 

Every single sound that strikes to your eardrum has a positive or negative influence on your overall health. Sometimes, you focus on one voice and discard the remaining sounds. Similarly, music also has a positive impact on your brain that grabs your attention without any certain notification. All of us love to hear the melodious rhythms every time regardless; we’re doing any heavy exercise workout or going on work.  Whenever, you hear any hip hop music, you feel instantly energized and revitalized but when you’re depressed and sad, you opt for the saddest songs which eventually make you cry as well.

The medical science also included some sort of music as an adjunct to the treatment. You would agree with this fact that the music is the powerful mantra that’ll help you in many situations. Many among us usually sing a song in a stressful situation; while watching them, you would think, rather they’re crazy, but do you know that they’re singing on purpose. By singing in a tensed condition, they’re trying to get the solution of the problem. So, no comments on their singing 🙂

Music has the mental as well as physical benefits. No wonder that the listening the rhythmical tune, made up of the combination of simple strings and chords can change your mood in a while. When you hear any song, it’ll activate the various parts of the brain. Dr. Victoria Williamsons, lecturer of psychology at Goldsmith’s College London revealed that your body and mind would show a wide variety of reactions while hearing the music.

Another study conducted in Canada also concluded that there is a strong relationship between the music and the reward system- an important part of the brain that give a reaction in response to the good stimuli. Music is becoming oxygen for all of us and in this era of technology, every new and old song can easily be downloaded in your Smartphone or in your car’s CD player. Hence, you’re free to enjoy your favorite song, whenever you want to. What other health phallic –magics can music do, read the following benefits: 

1. Melts your Mood



Music is the instant pill for any depressed and low self-esteemed person. A Canadian study published in the Nature Neuroscience stated that your favorite music can help in regulating your bad mood. Dopamine- a feel-good neurotransmitter is also responsible for altering your bad mood. When you listen to your favorite song, the dopamine released from your brain that change your mood all over.

To be active throughout the day and stay focused on your goals, you should lead the optimistic approach and have the smile on your face. But if you’re disturbed, then all your efforts will be fruitless. Still unconvinced with the impact of music on mood?

Well, in 2013, another study also surprised with the effects of the music on the mood regulation. The participants of the study confirmed that the ‘arousal and mood regulation’ and ‘self-awareness’ were the two important benefits that they had noticed after the music therapy session.

So, whenever you feel too much low, then don’t waste a single minute and play your favorite song on your Smartphone and enjoy it. Surely, after a few minutes, you’ll try to figure out the solution of bad mood.

2. De-stress your mind



Music is also potent de-stressor. Though, in the stressful situation, it would be a tough task to enjoy any favorite song but believe me, by implementing this strategy, your nerves will not only soothe, in fact, you’ll also concentrate on the circumstances and the relevant solution of the problem.

The connection between the stress reduction and the music has not been established yet, but a study suggested that the biochemical stress reducers are activated in the brain when you hear any form of music. Music in the stress will leave the relaxation effect on your brain, which also helps in maintaining the normal vitals of the body.

3. Makes you happier



Happiness has a strong impact on your health. Being happy, you would feel that your energy levels are already fueled up and you will perform better towards your goals. Keeping the sad music aside, the hip-hop, classical and jazz music will induce the happiness, resulting in the release of different hormones including dopamine (feel good hormone).

Listening to music will give us the same happiness of achieving something or having a chocolate bar. Hence, whenever you think that you’re not feeling well mentally, and then try this music therapy at your home.

4. Improves Blood vessels functions



As the music is also one of the sources of making you happier, the constricted blood vessels will start to dilate and relax. When the blood vessels are not constricted anymore, the blood flow eventually increased, improving the blood vessels function. Healthy blood vessel prevents the fatty deposition and reduces the uncertain plaque formation. Remember, if the blood vessels are not intact, the complications will multiply at a faster rate.

5. Provides quality sleep



With the stressful mind and mental illness, you won’t be able to take a full sleep at night. If this situation remains the same, insomnia will occur automatically and you will not be able to meet with the day to day tasks. Quality sleep is important to maintain your vitals normal.

Students take the exam stress on their head too much that their focus is diverted from the studies and perform not well in their papers. In college students, classical music has been an effective approach to treat insomnia. So, music is costless, side-effect -less and inexpensive method to treat insomnia rather than the costly and harmful sleeping pills.

6. Helps in controlling appetite



When you burden your plate with too many stuff and think that every single bite is not harmful to your health then it is a wrong perspective. Overeating leads to the obesity, exposing you towards many other diseases.  So, another study suggested that playing a slow music with dimming the lights while having the meal will decrease their speed of eating and consumption of food. Hence, this action will also keep you away from the obesity.

7. Amplifies verbal and visual skills



At an early age, the development of the verbal and visual skills is very active. Slow music will improve your child’s communication, visual and verbal skills.

An experiment has been done to verify this concept in 4 to 6-year-old children subject; all of the participants had a musical training for a month. The researchers were keenly observed that all the children recognize the words more properly and were able to explain their meaning more clearly after the session. So, try to introduce rhymes to your children at a very early age. It’ll leave a positive impact on their essential skills.

8. Empowers the brain’s health



Music is like an exercise for your brain. That’s why when you enjoy any melodious classical song or fast tracked jazz, you would feel that your brain is awake and alerted. While listening or playing music at an old age, your memorizing power and sharpness ability will increase more rapidly.  Those who had a trauma of the brain and consequently, they lose their memory can also regain their memory by listening to the music, but it depends on the severity of the injury too.

As the rhythm and sounds of the music stay for a longer duration in your core brain, the neurological patterns, and the old memories will be easily regained back with the help of the music therapy. Hence, it’ll somehow also strengthen your long term and short term memory.

9. Strengthens the heart’s health



Likewise your brain, your heart also needs to be functional to the optimal level and its health should not be compromised anyhow. An amazing report stated the fact that the music strengthens the heart’s health and improves the post-surgical cardiac recovery. Along with dopamine, endorphin is also released in the brain when you hear a song which boosts the vascular health.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, the post-cardiac surgical patients who are bed bound for a long time has been given a 30 minute session of the different forms of the music. As a result, their blood pressure decreased, heart rate slowed and anxiety levels subsided. So, music also has a calming effect on your health.

10. Reduces the pain



Music can reduce the perception of the intensity of the pain. A music session after the cardiac surgery also reduces the pain perception in all the patients. Hence, after any surgical procedure, try to have a 15-30-minute session of any music which you loved most to ease the pain meaningfully.

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