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10 Choices A Man Wants To Make But Cannot Because Of His Girl!

For a Man, when it comes for making a choice, he is super quick. But when he has a girlfriend, sometimes it becomes difficult for him to make a choice!

In their entire life men wants to make some choices, but in some matters they are helpless and no matter what they want to do they still have to choose according to the women’s mood. The era in which we are living is known as ‘Women empowerment’ era, where men have to accept women’s choice. Here is the list of things what man wants to prefer over anything but they can’t because it’s all about the women.

1. Games And Dating:

Girls, if someone is giving up his game just to talk to you then marry him, but this is impossible because a man always remains a child and he will never pause or stop the game, but in the presence of his woman he has to pause it, because he is left with no other option.

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2. Movie Choices:

All you want to watch is an action movie full of fight and blast, but for the sake of your girlfriend, you have to watch an Emotional TV Soap which is not an emotional drama for her at all but boring for you of course.

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3. Wants To Criticize Her Choice But Cannot:

Her choice of heroes and heroines is totally rubbish in your opinion and you want to criticize it, but don’t have much courage to let her know that her choice is totally rubbish.

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4. Cricket Match and Serial:

She wants to watch the serial, but you want to watch the cricket match at any cost and like always she won. Now you go to your friend’s home or in a “chai ki dukaan” to watch a cricket match.

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5. Can’t Praise Any other Girl:

If you are going somewhere with your girlfriend and wants to praise any girl for her manners, then don’t you dare because she will kill you right away. The only way you can praise any girl is in your heart.

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6. Ugly Or Beautiful:

She is getting ready for the party or any event and asking you how is she looking then you have to call her beautiful because you are not allowed to speak the truth at all. Don’t call her fat otherwise get ready for the new drama.

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7. Friend Or Quality Time:

Want to hang out with your friends? Clearly the answer is no. She wants your time and hates your friends therefore in between friends hang out and her, you have to choose her. No other option is left dude.

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8. Love Kids Even If You Don’t:

If she is asking you about your opinion for kids then you have to tell her that you love kids even if you hate their annoying crying sound. She will be happy to see that you love kids but can’t see that you are screaming inside.

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9. Fight Or No Reaction:

If she is getting mad at you for something then don’t you dare to fight back even if you want to debate on that topic. It’s better to be expressionless and give her a calm look. No choice either!

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10. Shopping With Her:

If you are doing shopping with her then ask for her opinion because she will not give you the chance to let her know about your opinion. It’s better to accept her choice.

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Despite all these reasons, she is the one who always take care of her man and wants the best for him.