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Dubsmash Bollywood videos: The crazy side of our Bollywood celebs!

You thought that Bollywood celebrities were always serious and worked hard for their films? You aren’t wrong, but neither are you entirely correct. Recently, an app called Dubsmash is trending amongst the people all over the world. Well, our Bollywood celebrities are never behind in setting new trends, and so they’ve begun with Dubsmash Bollywood Videos, something so funny that it would make the saddest beings laugh out loud. Haha!

Dubsmash Bollywood videos by various celebrities, that’s an ongoing humorous trend. Right now, not just Bollywood celebs but the entire world is getting addicted to a unique but insanely trending app called Dubsmash.Trust me, the app is a dream come true for the celebs. The fever of hysterical Dubsmash videos is everywhere on multiple social networking sites! Hell Yeah!

Let’s take a look at these funny Dubsmash Bollywood videos where celebs lip-synchronize with some hilarious dialogues from various films:-

  1. Ranveer Singh’s dubsmash video:-
  2. We all know that Ranveer Singh is the craziest actor in BOLLYWOOD, and he is nowhere behind in using the Dubsmash app. The Bollywood’s ‘Bad Boy’ is on the winning list with not just one but more than four Dubsmash records until now. No doubt, he can make you laugh anytime!

    And he was feeling on the top of the world that time 😉

    On top of the world ! @anilskapoor

    A video posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

    We all will agree with what he is saying, wouldn’t we ladies? 😉

    I’m a chip of the ol’ block when it comes to certain skills 😉 #AK #noentry #cult A video posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

    And this one is the funniest..the mommas boy!

    Jab MUMMY ki daant padhti hai toh acche-acchon ki bolti bandh ho jaati hai! #owned

    A video posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

  3. Priyanka Chopra’s Dubsmash Bollywood video:-
  4. Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh’s first Dubsmash together was to promote their upcoming film Dil Dhadakne Do. And here she is dubbing the male voice while Ranveer is lip-syncing the female one.

    Two much dysfunction in one dubsmash!! @priyankachopra

    A video posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

  5. Sonakshi Sinha’s Dubsmash video:-
  6. Sonakshi Sinha is the new addition to the Dubsmash family. The actress who takes inspiration from Brad Pitt’s Fight Club for her upcoming film Akira switched to the badass mode while making this Dubsmash Bollywood video.

    Another one of her Dubsmash Bollywood videos was from one of the famous dialogues from her dad’s film. The dramebaaz actress nailed it in her dialogue “Rules of fight club”.

  7. Ali Fazal’s Dubsmash Bollywood video:-
  8. The versatile actor, Ali Fazal who is riding high on success after his Hollywood debut in ‘Furious Seven’ was also struck by Dubsmash fever. Another funny one by Ali Fazal on the famous dialogue ‘Yeh Teja Teja kya yeh Teja Teja’ would make you laugh loud. When he gets scolded by a younger one. LOL! 😛

    |Ye teja teja kon hai!!!!

  9. Jacqueline Fernandez’s Dubsmash Video:-
  10. The baby doll of Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez also has one of the cutest dubsmash videos associated with her. If not the video then at least her smile will surely make you admire here further more.

    I’ve always wanted my own girlband! #newyork #diaries with my #sisters A video posted by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on

  11. Shruti Hassan’s Dubsmash Bollywood Video:-
  12. Shruti Hassan came up with a unique Dubsmash Bollywood Video aka the scariest and the funniest Dubsmash Bollywood Video yet. She is enjoying the app at its best by making such videos.
    The face mask is on everyone, Haha! 😛


    Hahahahahahahhahaha!! Them girls be scary !!!


    A video posted by @shrutzhaasan on

    The badass one

  13. Dhanush’s Dubsmash Video:-
  14. The Ranjhanna guy, who taught us the real meaning of love, gets crazy at times, and this is what he does.


    This is how we do it 🙂 #DnA #VIP #localboys #soupboys #udhungadasangu


    A video posted by Dhanush (@dhanushviews) on

  15. Richa Chaddha’s Dubsmash Bollywood Video:-
  16. The Fukrey actress Richa Chadda is also on the list of craziest Dubsmash addicts. It’s one of the funniest yet a hilarious Dubsmash act by the actress. Check it out guys, Yay or nay?

  17. Alia Bhatt’s Dubsmash Video:-
  18. Alia Bhatt’s Dubsmash Bollywood video with her BFF Akansha is amusing. Akansha plays the role of a mother while Alia Bhatt plays the role of a frustrated boy, it’s both cute as well as funny!


    Omg! This video is so cute and funny! #aliabhatt @aliaabhatt @akansharanjan


    A video posted by Alia Bhatt FC! (@aliabhattobsessed) on

    These were some of the very hilarious Dubsmash Bollywood Videos that I’ve seen, won’t you agree that these were awesome? I know you will! So, Keep sharing and stay tuned for some hilarious Dubsmash Bollywood videos by our beloved celebrities 😀

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