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8 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Workaholic Partner!

Many of you might have a workaholic partner so will be times when you feel like you are not married. But then you know their love towards their work and support them always!

“Work is worship” is what we all know, but some people tend to take this extremely serious. They don’t realize its impact on others around them and especially on their partners. Here are the 8 things you can relate if your partner is a workaholic:

1. You feel to be their second wife/husband

Yes, this is so true, they always love work anytime and every time. You are so sure about this fact and that is the only reason you never gave them a choice of choosing between you and work. When answers are known then why discuss it.


2. Your patience level has increased a lot

Admit it, now you don’t feel like throwing away anything on them and neither do you try to get them back to normality. You have accepted them the way they are and decided to move on along with it.


source: Tumblr

3. It is like to live with a stranger under the same roof

If you see a person just for 1 hour or maybe little more or less than that, you would rarely get a chance to even have a proper conversation on any topic, even news hour debate lasts for an hour, so at home we all definitely need more time.


source: Tumblr

4. You are the only one who says TGIF

TGIF!! Weekend with them or without them hardly matters. All you know is it’s that time of the week when your partner may have a little time to go out with you.


source: Tumblr

5. At times you think you are able to do their work

You start a conversation about your neighbor or parents etc. but your better half would definitely link the topic to work and explain you about workplace politics, the amount of pending work, and their strategy to work. Maybe some day you can take over and finish work as well depending on the pace of ongoing KT.


source: Tumblr

6. You look out for new hobby/activity that you both could do together

If you aren’t a workaholic like your partner then even though you try to accept the fact about your partner’s work pattern, sometimes you tend to try and engage yourself in new activities and as well try to convince your partner about same.


source: Tumblr

7. If it’s not about work, then you better take appointment

Sad but true, they have taken the lesson about Work is worship a bit too seriously than you would want. If it was not about work they wouldn’t want to spend time discussing anything.


source: sharegif

8. You pity their colleague’s partner

If by any weird reason you get time to tell your partner about how you feel, they always tend to convince you as to how much everyone else around them works. “I’m not workaholic as Mr. X is!!”.


source: Tumblr

Whatever may happen, you both will always support each other in every stressed and chilled moment because you both love each other a lot! Cheers!

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