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8 Expectation Vs Reality Of A Married Man

Every man has a dream to marry the most beautiful girl, but the reality differs from the dream. Here are the 8 expectations vs reality of a married man.

This is a universal concept; people use to say that a typical Indian woman expects a lot from his husband, but we always talk about the woman’s expectation and her sacrifices. Why do we never discuss the man and what are their expectations from their wife. In reality, Indian man also has some expectation of his married life like an Indian woman, and they want to experience these great moments with their partner, but there is a lot difference in reality and imagination. Let’s have a look at some expectation and reality of a married life, but this time from a man’s point of view.

1. Smiling Face After A Hectic Day:

After facing lots of challenges in office now you are a frustrated person and just want to see someone with a smiling face and good mood, but in reality, it’s all opposite she will look at you with such expressions even your devil boss will never give you that look.

Smiling Face After A Hectic Day
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2. A Person Who Will Never Mind To Allow For The Party:

Every man needs a wife who is totally cool with his activities and if he wants to stay out of the home late night with the friends once in a week. She should give you some space, but in reality after 12 she will call you like a mad person and will ask you to come back to home immediately or else get ready for the result.

A Person Who Will Never Mind To Allow For The Party
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3. She Will Call You A Best Father:

At the time of having babies you are happy as she is and you people are going to celebrate together. If you are just simply kissing your baby she will call you a best father, but instead she will suggest you to learn how to handle babies because you are nil in it.

She Will Call You A Best Father
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4. Her Cooking Should Be Like A Master Chef:

Every man loves to eat best and they all want their wife to be a best cook, but in reality you can’t say a word after eating what she cooked. You have to praise her for the worst cooking in a complimentary way. After all, it’s a matter of life and death.

Her Cooking Should Be Like A Master Chef
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5. Romance With Her:

Like the King of Bollywood you want to spend every moment with your wife as a perfect romantic moment but she will always bring something which will ruin your mood and you will cancel the plan with her.

Romance With Her
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6. Apologize After Having A Fight:

If you are expecting that she will apologize after having fight with you then you are absolutely wrong because if you ever tell her that she should apologize first then get ready to go through some new drama.

Apologize After Having A Fight
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7. Dance With Her:

Every man likes to make her wife feel special and the best way to make her feel special is to dance with her, but in reality she is not interested in dancing with you because you don’t know anything about her dance form.

Dance With Her
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8. Spending Quality Time Together:

The best way a man can make strong bond with his wife is to spend quality time together, but whenever you spend some time together, she will bring out some stupid topic and you people will end up fighting.

Spending Quality Time Together

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