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20 Hilarious Reasons For Breaking Up With Your Partner!

We all have heard the sad, happy, mutual breakup reasons but have you ever heard the hilarious reasons? Nah? Just have a good laugh by reading these!

Break-ups and patch-ups are the part of our life before getting married to our perfect partner. Some of them are good and some of them are the most irritating people alive on this planet. Break up is not an issue for our generation because we can do break up on anything we don’t like about them. Some people used to break up on hilarious reasons which are no logical at all. Let’s have a look at the funny ways of doing break up with someone.

1. Smells Bad:

What could be more irritating than the bad smell and if this smell is coming from your partner, then of course you will feel gross. People breakup on these things and tell them that they smell very bad; it’s very hard to live with the people who even don’t smell well.


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2. No Body Shape:

If your partner is not in a good body shape, then it’s for the people to differentiate between your uncle and auntie and your partner. Nobody likes to live with the old fashioned and lazy person who can’t even maintain themselves.

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3. Apartment Is Not Good:

Some people who are very conscious about the status, they note everything about their partner and if they don’t like the apartment of their boyfriend/girlfriend then definitely it’s a breakup time for them.

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4. Speaks A Lot:

Speaking in a normal way is good, but some people like to speak a lot and they don’t even realize that the person sitting next to them is getting irritated. They even love to read the boards situated on the roads louder in the car. And then that’s how they broke up.

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5. Same Parent Name:

It’s very hard to live with the person whose name is same as your mother or father. How would you ever feel like a couple and would love to call your mother’s name loud in the public? This is a basic reason for the breakups.

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6. Food Choices:

Our choices are different in a food and it’s possible to leave a person but not a food. So it’s better to search for someone with the same great taste of food.

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7. Old Songs Listener:

Even when you are going somewhere with your friends in the car and your partner is just listening to old boring songs. And because of that everyone is getting bored, but your partner is still refusing to change the songs. Go home, it’s over.

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8. Loud Noises While Eating:

During the dinner time, there is nothing more irritating than the noises that someone is making while chewing food. All we want to warn them first and then punch them on their face.

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9. Something Is Different In Walking:

Some girls walk like a boy and some boys walk like a girl and this is the hilarious thing that we see on the roads but if it’s happening with us then? B-R-E-A-K -U-P.

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10. No Waxing:

This is an important warning for the girls. If they are going for the date and still not waxed then this is a time. He will not like the big hairs on your hands and foot and maybe he will get some bad feeling for you.

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11. Hair Cutting:

If he loves your hair because they are soft, golden and long then don’t you dare to cut them off. Because this haircut may lead your relationship to the breakup.

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12. Called My Favorite Celebrity Dumb:

We are way too sensitive for our favorite celebrities and we are always ready for the fight if someone says anything bad about them. But, if our partner is saying something stupid about them, then it’s a forever Good-bye.

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13. No Like On My DP:

Updated Facebook’s DP yesterday and it’s another night now, still no like from his/her side. Of course break up.

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14. Comment On Some Other Girl’s DP:

He didn’t like my DP but commenting “gorgeous and beautiful” on someone else DP. 100% break up now.

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15. Poor Pronunciations:

The partner’s pronunciation for the words like dude, chill and buddy are totally hilarious and one would not like to spend life with someone who will not stop saying these words when they stop them.

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16. No Dressing Sense:

If your partner is senseless in their dressing sense and they always appear to be a joker in the parties then of course it’s a breakup time. Most of the girls never tolerate a guy with zero fashion sense.

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17. Called Bollywood Heroes, Ugly:

A girl who called Bollywood heroes, ugly, is not acceptable in any way. A boy who is a Bollywood movie freak and loves everything about Bollywood will break up on this issue.

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18. Late Reply:

People like to do breakup on issues like why she didn’t reply me for an hour. It means she doesn’t love me and there is no more reason to live with her anymore.

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19. Unhygienic:

When your partner is unhygienic and you come to know about their habits. It’s very hard to live with someone who is dirty and unhygienic.

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20. Love Twilight:

The last reason to break up is that they love twilight and well obviously I hate it.

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These reasons are absolutely hilarious! Did you have a breakup with another hilarious reason? If yes, comment below and let us know!

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