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12 Things We Should Avoid In Front Of Our Crush!

We all have a crush on someone. Maybe just on one or on two at the same time but that’s ok. Just make sure you avoid to do all these things mentioned here.

Our crush is the most handsome and dashing person for us and in front of them sometimes we did some stupid things because of our nervousness. We all once find ourselves in situations where all we want to impress him/her and do stupid things to get noticed, but sometimes we should think before taking any step. To all the people who are still going through the situation where they are experiencing a crush on someone, they shouldn’t do some things listed below.

1. Your Bad Habits:

Don’t discuss your bad habits in front of them because they will guess about your whole personality in that one discussion. Never let them know about the things which are irritating in you and try to improve them instead of hiding.

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2. Being Single Is Good:

Never show that you are desperate to be with someone or with them and doing your best to make any relationship with them. Show them that you are happy in your life and you are not like everyone who is very desperate about getting into a relationship. But yes, inside you are screaming to be with them.

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3. Boring Pick Up Lines:

Don’t use boring pickup lines on them or else you are going to lose them forever. Don’t try to be a cheesy person, but try to be a sober one with some sense of humor. Before joking with them, make sure about their taste.

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4. Don’t Hate Their Friends:

If they are going somewhere with their friends and you hate one of them then don’t tell them because maybe they will not like it. You are new to them and before going into any relationship, it’s better to zip your mouth for a good future.

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5. You Are Looking Ugly Today:

If they are so close to you now and still if you people are talking like friends then don’t tell them that they are looking ugly any day. If they know that you have a crush on them, then definitely they will not expect this from you.

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6. Never Propose Them:

If they are behaving nice and talking with you like good friends then it doesn’t mean that they are expecting you to propose them. If you are planning so, then this is a warning, dude.

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7. Your Ex Was Good Looking:

Really? Who wants to say this to their crush, but still if accidentally you are going to tell them about their Ex then don’t do this or else all this mess will be your responsibility. They will hate you for the rest of the life and later you will regret.

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8. My Last Relationship:

Don’t cry like a child in front of them or behave like an emotional fool because of your last relationship. Don’t talk about your ex and let them be comfortable with you, never create the situations due to which they want to get rid of you.

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9. Ask Me Out:

Never expect from them to ask you out. If they are doing so, then this is the most amazing thing, but don’t give them signals that you desperately want them to ask you out for the date.

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10. Someone else Is My Crush Too:

There will be no one dumb as you if you are telling them that there is someone else too and you like them. Maybe this is the time they will start avoiding you because of the competition and your flirty nature.

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11. Lack Of Confidence:

Prove this thing that there is no one better than you for them and be friends with them. Don’t ever show the lack of confidence when they are talking to you and don’t let yourself be down in their eyes. Be a confident and happy person.

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12. Take Me To The Expensive Restaurant:

This is going to crush your crush’s mind because maybe they are not materialistic and just want to spend some good time with you. Don’t be so greedy about the expensive things and restaurants.

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Anyway, we would still commit a mistake in front of our crush and that would be the a very awkward situation then!

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