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12 Reasons Why People Like To Be Sarcastic!

Being sarcastic is not an easy job because no one can ever beat you down. We all love to be sarcastic in our own way so let’s find out those reasons!

Sometimes to protect yourself, it’s good to be sarcastic. Some people are sarcastic due to their nature and some are sarcastic because of their situations. It’s a normal thing for the person who is always sarcastic because others perceive them in the same way by quoting, “Oh Man! You are so sarcastic! hahaha”. And, all you want to say to them is that I am sarcastic because of your annoying and irritating nature. Nowadays, it’s kind of a weapon to protect yourself from the people. Here are some of the reasons why some people like to be sarcastic.

1. Line Of Defence:

For them, it’s good to answer the people with a sarcasm tone than to fight with them. They use their sarcastic nature as their line of defence and feel good about it.

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2. Just Kidding:

The best way to make anyone troll by the sarcastic nature is to send them a message full of hatred and bad things and at the end of the message you can simply tell them “just kidding”.

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3. No Excitement:

Nothing gives excitement to the sarcastic people and it’s a good thing in a way because if someone is canceling a plan or no one is going according to the plan then it doesn’t make you any difference.

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4. Insult = Love:

People love to be sarcastic because in their opinion if they are insulting someone with their sarcastic tone, then they will never dare to insult them. Quite smart.

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5. Talk Without Harassing:

Without harassing their friends in public, they can talk to them in a perfect sarcastic tone and other people think that they were just kidding.

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6. Blind Dates:

These people don’t want to go on blind dates and after a year they don’t want to regret it. Sarcastic people will reveal their power in the first date so the other person could think about the next date with them.

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7. No Expressions On Occasions:

Nobody could think anything wrong about their personalities because they never show their reactions to the people and if they are excited because of someone arrived in their party they will still show the same expression.

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8. Always Seems To Be Confident:

Sarcastic people always seem to be in confidence because they never speak so much and when they do, their every sentence is made up of sarcasm.

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9. Hilarious Personality:

People with good sense of humor often found these kinds of people funny and appreciate them for their humor. They are the angels for the sarcastic people who really praise them.

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10. Nobody Knows How To React:

When you are upset or happy nobody knows how to react because they are afraid of your tone and they will always talk to you in a calm manner. Isn’t it great?

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11. Every Body Believes You:

Everyone knows about your nature and if you are telling someone about your genuine feelings, then definitely they will believe you because if you are not in a sarcastic tone it means you are in a good mood.

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12. No To Flirt:

People will not try to do flirt with you and they know that you are not a flirt material.

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Well, being sarcastic is not an easy job. And the people who understand sarcasm are really worth the time!

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