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10 Things We All Do But Never Want Anyone Else To Do!

We are humans and we sometimes become mean. We don’t want anyone to criticize us, but if someone is doing the same thing, then we love criticizing them.

We are humans and there is no doubt in saying that we so sometimes become mean. We don’t want anyone to criticize us, but if someone is doing the same thing, then we love criticizing them. These are funny situations in which we like to tell people what they are doing wrong and discuss these things with others, but when it comes to us then nobody could dare to say a word. There is a list of some things what we do, but if someone is doing the same thing then it is wrong.

1. We can Judge others Clothes:

It’s a normal thing to discuss about the outfits of other people we meet at parties, events or in any family gathering, but once someone is discussing about our clothes and how we were looking like then we don’t like it at all. We don’t like to be discussed, but we love to discuss other people. Well, that’s a double standard behavior.

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2. We Can Make our Partner Wait:

Going on a date with your partner, but if they are late so ye to wait for them and need them to apologize to you from the start of the date till the end. If you are late on a date, then of course there is a reason behind it and they should listen to you before expecting a sorry from your mouth.

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3. We can say a No To Family Lectures:

We don’t like to listen to the lectures our siblings, parents and relatives love to give us. All we need is freedom, but once we are with someone younger than us then we always give them a lecture about everything in life. For sure they don’t like it all but we are doing this for their own good, Right?

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4. We can Ignore our Friends:

Sometimes we just want to ignore the whole world and like to spend time with ourselves, we don’t want anyone to disturb us. Once our friends start doing this, we hate it and get irritated that why they are ignoring our calls and not talking to anyone. We never did that to anyone, Yeah?

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5. We can choose our friends over our boyfriend:

What? How dare is he choosing his friends over me? Instead of spending lots of time with me he is going to the party with them? How dare he? But, last month you did the same thing and just to spend some quality time together with your friends you went to the party with our them and he didn’t say anything. *Girl issues*

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6. We can be on Phone while being with others:

When you are talking to someone and they are constantly busy on their phone, is enough to make you angry and frustrated. But, every time when someone is talking to us and we are not interested then we do the same thing even during our family time as well.

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7. We can be Late at Office:

Myself and late in office? No way. Yeah, sometimes we get late, but we need our boss to listen to our excuse and give us chance again, but if our junior is coming late to the office, then of course it’s a big deal because they are irresponsible and not interested in their job.

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8. We can let others do our Extra Work:

You don’t mind if someone is doing your work while you are on holidays because it’s your right to take the rest. But if someone else is on their holidays and you have to do their work then this is a very big deal because you are such an honest employee and never take leave from the office.

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9. We can talk about our boyfriend to our Best friend:

Your best friend is irritating you because she has been telling about her boyfriend since last 5 hours, but you are not interested. Remember the last time she came to your home and you were all blabbering about your boyfriend? Not fair!

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10. We can fight over petty things:

This is the most common thing we always see. Some people are fighting over small matters and now you think why they are fighting, so stupid people. But if someone steps on your shoes by mistake then you too start a fight. That’s mean!

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We get angry on these things which are very easy to go, but we never forget to criticize someone who is doing the same thing because after all we are humans.

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