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10 Things We All Did In a Boring Lecture!

Attending a lecture is the toughest job but attending a boring lecture is just not an option. Even if we did, doing these 10 things became made us happy!

We all hate lectures and no matter who is giving us this lecture, our teachers or parents, we just hate it. Lectures are the most boring thing in the world and all of us have to deal with the boring classes and lectures of professors, which are important, but they are so boring and work on us like a sleeping pill. We students are almost of the same type and we did the same things during a lecture once in a lifetime. Let’s have a look at the list.

1. Drawings:

For the time pass, we all did drawings, signatures, games and other things on the back side of our text copies. This is the best way to cope up with the boring lecture and sometimes professor think that we are writing his lecture. No way, sir.

drawing gif

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2. Just say Yes for everything:

Most of us always nod our heads to say a yes when our teacher is asking “Are you getting it?”. Who wants the lectures to get extended so it’s better to say yes than to listen again. This is a good way to get rid of the teacher as soon as possible.

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3. Games and Messaging:

Now if my friend is sitting far away from me, then the only way to contact him/her is to do messaging. If we are together with the friend during a lecture, then there is nothing better than playing games. But we have to be careful before indulging ourselves completely in phones.

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4. Reading Comic Books:

We are ready for the comics, anytime. To dodge the teacher we all have hidden the comics inside the book to let them feel that we are reading a book but in reality we are enjoying our favorite comics. Who like to read books with zero interest in the subject?

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5. Paper Chats:

No mobile phone? We have more ways to communicate with each other even in the lecture. Small chits and paper works like a messenger and teachers will never get this thing. Our minds are the craziest thing and we can break any rule without letting anyone know.

passing paper gif


6. Taking Decisions:

A boring lecture is one of the best places to think about your all the problems and to smile at the memories. We all see our teachers like we are listening to their lecture, but in reality we are in some other world taking decisions our professors can’t even think of.

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7. Making Noise:

When a teacher is writing on the board, the best way to tease them and stop them from giving a lecture is to make noises. They get confused with the noises and spend the whole time in searching for the student who did this, but they are not smart enough to find out.

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8. Writing Skills:

In every boring lecture, we enhance our writing skills and write down everything we want to do in life or a short story about someone. Thanks to the boring lecture for giving us a new hobby.

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9. Making Toys:

With the help of pencil, scale and rubber we polished our creative skills in the boring lectures and make different weapons for our fellows. We also mastered ourselves at making paper toys! We all did this in our schools during class.

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10. Imagination Power:

We all imagined different scenarios which can happen in a class like if the fan will fan then who is going to die first or what will we do first if someday we will get magical powers and then start laughing at such a high pace that every eyes was on us!

imagination gif

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Yeah, we all did these crazy things to save ourselves from the boring lectures because paying attention was absolutely not in our choice list! Yes, but these things made our student life the best.

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