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10 Struggles of a Person who gets the Joke at the end!

It’s not necessary that one would always understand the joke, the moment someone cracks it. They might take some time too. But that moment is really funny!

In our group of friends, we all crack jokes. Everyone has a different sense of humor and they share jokes according to their taste, but then there is one person in that group who never gets it immediately. They look around for the reason to laugh when everyone is rolling on the floor. We can say that they are too simple to get the jokes or they are totally dumb. Here are some things you will get if you are the last one to get the joke in the group.

1. You Pretend To Laugh:

Sometimes it’s very hard for you to really get the job so when everyone starts laughing you start laughing too and they think that you are really getting this joke but in reality you don’t know anything about the joke.


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2. Sometimes You Want To Take Help:

Sometimes you need help to understand the joke, but you are afraid that they will make fun of you so you feel that it’s better to remain quiet and pretend like you are really enjoying. But in reality you just want to run away from the place.


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3. You Feel Sorry:

Sometimes you feel sorry for yourself that why you never get jokes easily. Why you have to do a lot of efforts for understanding the joke. Maybe you are too young to get the jokes or those jokes are too old for you.


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4. Take Your Jokes On Another level:

If you are cracking a joke, then they will take it to the dirty level and you are such an angel that you don’t know anything that they are talking about, but they are loving your joke. You then think the whole night about the joke you cracked earlier today.


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5. “Kuch Samajh Aaya?”:

Sometimes they make you feel like you are an only fool alive on this planet and after cracking a joke they ask “Kuch samajh aaya ya nahi?” and you can nod your head saying a fake yes because for you this is a matter of life and death in front of the whole college.


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6. You Read Jokes To Get The Meaning:

Other than the assignments and homework, you read more jokes to get the meaning of the jokes they were talking about. But it’s impossible for you to get the meaning so easily. You need to grow up before cracking those kinds of jokes.


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7. To Tease You:

Sometimes they crack jokes just to see your reaction. The way of teasing you is very entertaining for them, but for you this is not entertaining at all because right now you are still thinking about the meaning of the joke.


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8. You Are a Child:

You feel kind of alone when they ask you to go back to school or go to the kinder garden so you can grow up all over again. Well, that’s rude.


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9. Read Nursery Poems:

Your friends tease you like you are a child and they tell you that you should read nursery rhymes because the jokes are not up to your level.


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10. Still Trying:

But you are one of the brave people and still trying to get the jokes. One day you will be successful so just keep trying.


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Don’t feel sad just because you understand the jokes a little late. That actually reflects the genuine simplicity of the real you. So cheers to that simplicity!

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