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Which Exercise is Best Exercise for your Age

Age is simply an excuse if you don’t want to work out. Regardless of your age, we have an exercise for your age.

So, what’s the best exercise for age?

Every woman has a different charm and glamour in different decades of her life. If you’re in your 20’s, you want to look like the most pleasing personality. But when you enter in the 30’s you become more mature and starts your family planning.

While stepping into the 40’s, your bones and muscles should be strengthened by doing the strength training. And when you get 50+, you do exercise for your mood and menopause.

best exercise for age


As you age, your wisdom and experiences also increase. Apart from maintaining the fitness level, you want to look younger even in your late 50’s. Your wish will become true if you take a healthy diet along with the most appropriate exercise regimen according to your age. These are some of the Best Exercise for Age

Best Exercise for the Age 20’s

best exercise for age 20


In this decade of life, every girl tries to look good, no matter whatever she wears. By correcting your posture, you’ll eventually look slimmer. Consider all those exercises, which maintain your right position along with providing definition to your body.

Best Exercise for the Age 30’s

best exercise for age 30


This phase reflects the burden of responsibility regardless either it is of home or office. Although, you might not get sufficient time to stick to any exercise plan the 30-minute workout, especially for strengthening the core counts a lot.

Best Exercise for the Age 40’s



The decline of your essential hormones starts from this age, and you need to focus more on your physical condition. Increase the strength of your upper and lower body by resistance training on alternate days. Your goal should be to exercise every day!

Best Exercise for Age 50+



It is the most expected stage of menopause. Your mood and behavior are changing. The risk of osteoporosis also increases after menopause. 30-minute brisk walking can be the boost for your energy levels.

So, what are you waiting? Plan the exercise circuit and go ahead 🙂

Leave your comment below and let us know your best exercise for age.

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