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7 Ways On How To Stick To The Diet Plan

The new year resolutions are made to break them eventually!

But are you someone who’s serious about it?

As making changes in habits is a difficult task which needs a lot of patience but if the results are worth then it’s Ok to strive for it.

If you are finding it hard to stay focused and motivated then just follow the below-given steps and make it as your fun routine.

1.  One Pound At A Time

fat will surrender to me

The first step to achieving anything is to devise a game plan and the second step is to stick to it.

The trick here is not to just focus on weight loss strategize details for example how many pounds you want to shed in the first month and be realistic in your expectations or else it will lead to the downfall of your morale.

To start with one can visit a physical trainer and get a perfect plan and measure your weight, waist, hips, thighs so that in later days you can compare well and can analyze the progress but care is to be taken NOT to check it each day decide a fixed day in a week.

There will always be questions like-

How to stick to a diet and exercise plan?

How to stick to a diet and not cheat?

How to stick to a diet long term?

To trouble you but worry not by keeping a diary and noting the changes and also with simple workout activities one can still see changes if followed honestly.

People who are about to run away seeing the word workout can stay back! as those who ain’t much fond of it can do their part by taking time out for their favorite physical sport!

2.  Reward Yourself

Reward to oneself is important as it takes a lot of mental ability to change what are you used to and to change yourself.

So after seeing even small changes in even five to ten pounds in you reward yourself with the junk food you like on weekends as one can’t healthy all the days but keep the calorie intake in mind and not to over eat.

Rewards may not be in the form of food it can also be a promise to yourself if you eat home food and healthy food for a month gift yourself with a pair of branded shoes or something or treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure on the weekend. Remind yourself each day that how amazing you are 😉

3.  Don’t Diet Alone

Dieting alone is troublesome as no one to share dieting woes with; Hence I advise you to find a diet buddy and schedule your gym timings together and share healthy weekly lunch this will make boring routine fun.

Also, the two can encourage and motivate each other.

One can also join weight loss org and can confide to a doctor who can guide you as per your medical history.

If you fail to get, a diet buddy then share your doubts and problems with a trusted friend who can listen to your complaints and helps you to stay focused and motivate you in your hard times in following the diet.

4.  Don’t Skip Meals

Make sure you have three meals a day. Also, having breakfast is most important if you skip it on being guilty of indulging a bit more the previous day, believe me, it won’t work and the whole day will go off the track.

If you will be having a busy day ahead of plan out things in advance that you will be eating as per the planned diet in all three meals or else you will be tempted by the junk food on your way. Also by skipping breakfast tendency of you to eat more during lunch and dinner increases. Remember the hard work you did to start it, and this will help you not to pig out.

5.  Get Rid Of Unhealthy Stuff

Begin the changes from your home. It’s said that out of sight is out of mind and we are going to do the same.

Start getting rid of unhealthy snacks at your place that doesn’t mean to throw them away either give away among neighbors or plan a tea party and use them there or take them to the workplace and distribute.

The next step is to make a list every time you go shopping so that you don’t come back with unhealthy stuff again and if you can control the intake of unhealthy food then you may keep it.

For an instant rather than having a bowl of peanut butter just have a spoonful while having meals.

Then further replace unhealthy items with healthy ones like ice cream to yogurt or fruit popsicles. You may still keep some snacks handy.

6.  Embrace A New Outlook

You can’t be casual on thinking that you can break the diet for the upcoming party or outing with friends as it will then be a habit and you will quit diet gradually.

Managing the temptations is easy if you smartly eat a solid meal before going to the party so that you don’t over eat there also there are en-number of options there choose the healthy ones in place of unhealthy and high fatty stuff.

Also while going to malls or some shopping carry snacks like nuts, raisins, or trail mix. If you have plans to dine out choose healthier dishes though it’s the best the more you have home-made food as it has fewer calories compared to outside food.

7.  Love What You Eat

Forcefully making your body eat what you hate, will fetch you no results as tired of every day’s struggle you will quit soon.

It’s not important to just eat what you hate for diets try to change the old slogging recipes instead choose your favorite fruits or vegetables and search newer recipes which are healthy as well as tasty also one can call upon friends and flaunt the newly discovered recipes.

Loving what you eat is too important as it keeps you and your body happy, and by bursting stress too, one can burn few calories. If you can’t stand of tofu or brown rice, don’t torture yourself by eating it rather give a healthy spin to your favorite dishes. Just by replacing meat balls in spaghetti by vegetable balls and use wheat pasta for the same and you can enjoy it without guilt.

Stick posters that have motivational quotes or keep that as your wallpapers in electronic gadgets also don’t forget to choose your favorite sport as your workout enjoy the changing you process 😉

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