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7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!

We all love these Bollywood Celebrities and follow their steps to reach our successful point. But along with that we should follow their Health Secrets too!

While watching the movies of our favorite stars, their personality always appeals us and certainly, we think about what are they doing to keep themselves fit and in shape. Besides their glamorous look and attractive personality, they always look younger than their age. Proportioned diet and appropriate exercise plan are the reason of the charming spark in their personalities. In other words, we inspire ourselves from them due to the well maintained fitness level. So, take a look on the Bollywood celebrities’ diet and exercise regimens:

1. Heartthrob ‘Varun Dhawan’:

Due to his sensational performance in his debut film ‘Student of the year’, he won the hearts of many girls with his mesmerizing style. From here, we see the Varun Dhawan in different characters and doing justice with them. But the reason of being too good in every role is due to his secret workout.

As an athlete in school days, he used to involve himself in various sports activities especially swimming. In his workout regimen, he prefers combination workouts including martial arts, intense cardio, and sports activities for not getting bored of doing the same exercises every day. But before the exercise circuit, he does the proper warm up for reducing the chances of injuries and increasing the energy levels.

Varun’s Diet plan

He usually avoids eating the high sugary and oily food. As a snack, he opts on lotus seeds, papaya, bananas and protein smoothies. Moreover, he takes the short meals after every two to three hours and drinks 5-6 liters of water per day.

Breakfast: He starts his day with the healthy food including omelet, oat chilla and whole wheat sandwich

Lunch: He opts for three chapattis, baked chicken, broccoli along with other vegetables.

Dinner: He includes the fish and salad with green tea.

The actor’s suggestion:

In a recent interview, he suggests that,

“Eat what your mother tells you. But not always, because some mothers will prescribe buttermilk, parathas with ghee, etc.’ on a serious note, don’t eat too much carbs at night. That is something I follow.”

Hence, if you want the toned body like Varun Dhawan, then follow his workout regimens and diet plan!

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!


2. Stunning ‘Alia Bhatt’:

Every other guy is falling in love with Alia Bhatt due to her smile and cuteness. She proved her acting skills in her first debut film ‘Student of the year’ by engrossing in the character and leaving everyone in a state of trance.

But the credit of her success goes to the trainer Karan Johar, who encouraged her to lose about 16-17 kgs before stepping up in the film industry. Alia’s determination and sincerity for excelling towards the perfect shot makes her a more valuable actor.

Alia’s exercise regimen is not composed of the traditional exercises; she loves to try different exercises including the kickboxing, running, altitude training, circuit training, beach training and resistance training. She also adds the lunges, crunches and squats to optimize the effects of the workouts. Her aim is to look gorgeous while maintaining her fantabulous physique.

Alia’s diet plan:

She drinks plenty of water to augment the natural glow of the skin. Along with staying away from unhealthy food, she opts for papaya, oatmeal and green salads as a snack food. Her nutritionist designed the low –carbs and high protein diet for her so that she can stay fit forever. In mid-day snack, she usually chooses the vegetable juice with the fruit. She eliminated all the sugary and oily food from her life in order to maintain her figure.

Here’s her diet plan,

Breakfast: She loves to eat the Poha or cornflakes bowl along with an egg or vegetable white sandwich.

Lunch: Her menu is comprised of the Daal, roti and a bowl of salad.

Dinner:  She prefers rice, vegetables, and a bowl of daal or with the chicken breast piece.

Her beauty secret revealed!

She starts her day with the Surya Namaskar, supported by the Yoga stretching poses to look more radiant and beautiful.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!


3. Bhaijaan ‘Salman Khan’:

From guiding Hrithik Roshan to transforming Arjun Kapoor in the new iconic figure, yet, Salman Khan has been the guru for all the young boys, who want to enter in the film industry. He became younger as he ages because he concentrates more on his diet plans and exercise workouts.

His trainer revealed that he has a high endurance level, and that’s why he can do 1000 pushups and 2000 sit-ups per day. It is highly suggested for all those who want to look like Salman Khan that don’t follow exactly the same exercise workout, reduce the repetitions initially and then progress it according to your strength.

He follows the weight training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, comprised of the bench press, dead lifts, shoulder press and cool down. He switches to the abs and cardio exercises on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, encompassing the treadmill, crunches, reverse crunches, side planks and back extensions along with the 1000 sit ups. He performs the exercise circuit at least for about 3 hours a day.

Salman’s diet plan

He says ‘Workout is just 20% of your body. What is more important is your diet?‘. Khan always opts for the high protein diet including fish, chicken, eggs etc. Almonds and protein bar are the snack food of him, but his pre-workout food is a glass of protein shake, amino acid tablets and 2 egg whites and protein bar, oats, almonds and 3 egg whites are his post workout foods. Hence, go through with the details of his diet,

Breakfast: it is composed of 4 egg whites and low-fat milk

Lunch: he prefers 5 chapattis, vegetables with a bowl of salad

Dinner: he includes a bowl of vegetable soup, fish or chicken piece and 2 egg whites.

He loves cycling!

Salman khan treats the cycling as the cardiovascular exercise and he cycles about 10 km a day.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!



4. Sensational ‘Sonam Kapoor’:

Besides holding the title of statement maker, her glamorous personality is all about to say about her dressing sense. But she knows how to maintain her figure by following the combination of proper exercise regimen and diet plan. She is among those who introduce the new fashion trends in the society. It is impossible to ignore the charismatic personality of Sonam Kapoor, isn’t it?

 Sonam was not too much thin as she supposed to be now. When she got an offer for the Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Sawarya, soon after that she had started the vigorous exercise circuits and bound strictly to the diet plans. Due to her never-ending-hope towards her goals, she lost 35 kg to become the queen of many hearts in her debut film.

Her day starts with the jogging for about 30 minutes then she meditates and does cardiovascular workouts for about 30 minutes. She also loves to dance and go for swimming in her spare time.  She is a sporty girl, who plays the squash at least 2 times a week.

Sonam’s diet Plan

She eats consecutively after every 2 hours. Her snacks are usually dry fruits and nuts. She keeps the high intake of fluid including coconut water, cucumber & buttermilk juice to stay hydrated while engaging in the hectic schedules. As a mid day snack, she opts for the brown bread with the egg whites and protein shakes to energize throughout the day.

So, here is her diet plan:

Breakfast: she usually eats the fruits and oatmeal

Lunch: She has a perfect menu for the lunchtime, which is comprised of Grilled chicken, daal, fish, salad and chapatti (made up of jwar or bajra).

Dinner: her meal is consists of fish, chicken, soup and salad

Her grandmother’s tip!

She revealed that her grandmother suggests that to drink the lukewarm lemon water along with the honey in it. She revealed that this drink assists in keeping her weight under control and remove the toxins out of the body.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!


5.The Spectacular ‘John Abraham’:

However, we’re not watching Abraham on screen nowadays but whenever the good physique of any men pops up in the mind, it is undoubtedly of Abraham. His charming smile is like the additional compliment of his personality which increases the attraction towards his personality. His six packs abs is one of the attractions which stole the hearts of many girls.

He is the fitness obsessive person, who wants to remain focused on his diet and follow the harder exercise circuits. Abraham is the cool-dude-hunk, who is passionate about his looks and values his followers.

Abraham engages in doing the combination workout including, cardiovascular training is usually paired with the body weight exercises and kickboxing and cardio workout. He does workout about 2-3 hours daily for beholding the iconic position in the film industry.

He follows the ‘good strategy’ for being active and energized throughout the day.  This strategy is comprised of three steps including good sleep, good diet and good routine.

Abraham’s diet plan

He follows the low fat and high protein diet and prefers the white meat instead of red one. It would be not wrong if we say him the vegetarian due to his more inclination towards the fresh vegetables and fruits. He cut down his meals in the small two to three meals with the small portion size so that he won’t do excessive cravings on the unhealthy snacks.

As a pre-workout and post-workout food, he regularly drinks the protein shake which enables him to strike for the best shot in his every film.

Take a look on his diet,

Breakfast: His meal is comprised of six egg whites, slice of toast with butter, a glass of fruit juice and ten almonds.

Lunch: his meal is moderate in the lunchtime, which is comprised of wheat flour, spinach, yellow pulses and fried vegetables.

Dinner: he prefers the light meals like corns, soups and a vegetarian supper.

Abraham’s message to all his fans,

He suggested to all his followers to eat always well and right for performing actively in your lives. Furthermore, he advises that not to opt for the artificial sources for increasing the muscle bulk; instead of it, choose the natural options, which will assist you more for getting your dream physique.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!



6. Dauntless ‘Deepika Padukone’:

In her debut film ‘Om Shanti Om’, her acting skills has been showcased marvelously but as the time passes, we see her in different Avatars, performing a variety of characters. She knows the minors and majors of the acting and how to rule the film industry with her smile.

Her smile says it all about her personality that she is courageous, dedicated and passionate about her work, which is purely reflected in her blockbuster movies. Perhaps, her contribution in the films builds the main pillar on which the parameter of success rests.

We found her fitness regimen interesting in such a way that she has no personal trainer, she engages in the fitness regimen whenever she likes to go to gym. She loves to do light weight exercises or handy exercises.

In the morning, she does the yoga poses to be healthy and fresh throughout the day. After completing with the yoga pose, she does walking for about 30 minutes. Dance is like mood changer for her, if she is bored of repeating the exercise, she opts for the dance. Another thing which keeps her attraction is that she incorporates the Pilates and stretching in her daily routine. That helps her to maintain the flexibility of the body without any help of the equipment. The diva revealed that,

‘I do a lot of free-hand weights and 4 to 5 sets of stretching exercises with 20 reps, in between Pilates or stretching routines.’

Deepika’s Diet plan

We may think that the secret behind her lean figure is due to eth continuous starvation but it is utterly wrong. She takes meal after every 2 hours which is maybe the bowl of fresh fruits or the natural juice. She takes almonds and filter coffee as an evening snack.

As she belongs from the South Indian family, she loves her traditional food like rice, dosa, upma but she replaces the coconut chutney with green chutney while having idli and dosa is not filled with the potatoes.  So, it’s a cool way to cheat meals! 

Breakfast: he includes 2 egg whites and low fat milk

Lunch:  usually, she eats grilled fish along with vegetables.

Dinner: she tries to keep her night meal as balanced as she can by having the chapatti with a bowl of salad and some veggies.

Does she take any other things to be in shape?

Recently, it is explored that she opts for Quinoa which is fiber rich diet and it is doing wonders, to the Deepika’s fitness.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!


7.King khan ‘Shahrukh Khan’:

By the day, his fans are increasing due to his outstanding performance up till now in every film. He has been recognized as the king khan due to his romantic style and impressive facial expression. Every other girl is obsessive and desperate about meeting him only one time in her life, it would be like their dream come true.

Sharukh khan is one of the oldest actors who are becoming younger and younger as his age is increasing. However, he transforms his physique according to the requirement of the role. So, let’s take a look at his exercise plans and diet plans.

To get the ‘six pack abs’  look, he performed 100 push-ups, 60 pull-ups, weight lifting and 30-minute cardio workout (jogging, cycling or running). He also suggests that to not to perform the abs workout more than 4 times a week.

Shahrukh Khan’s Diet:

He avoids eating the oily food, alcoholic beverages and sugary foods. He opts on the low carbohydrates and high protein diet. In high protein rich food, he includes chicken, egg whites, pulses, and skimmed milk and whole grains. He drinks a lot of water to cope up with dehydration issues. He also drinks protein shakes after every workout.

7 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Health Secrets!


Hence, the secret of looking young forever is due to their intense and strict diet plans along with fitness regimens.


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