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5 Minute Stretch Workout at Your Desk Job

Working for long hours straight can get tiresome. In such cases, taking a quick 20-second break for a quick stretch workout can help you increase your productivity.

Doing quick stretch workout is essential. According to the Alan Hedge, Ph.D. Professor of Ergonomics at Connell University, ‘Every 20 minutes, stand for 20 sec to stretch or shake when you’re on job’.

Do you want to increase the productivity at work? Are you suffering from Low Back Pain or Neck Pain due to the sitting for hours?  Everyone wants perfection in their work, and the perfection is achieved when you’ve fewer worries and well maintained physical health. Your mood is another driving force that can become the reason for your increasing success in the life.

But how all these factors can be maintained when the pile of files to be checked and loads of data has to be stored on the computer? Here are the 6 stretch workout which can improve your mood, increase the flexibility of your muscles and optimize the blood circulation in all parts of the body, so that you can become more functional and active throughout your working hours.

1. Stretch Workout: Neck stretches

Neck stretches exercise

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After spending hectic and busy routine in your office, you feel pain in your neck as compared to the other parts of the body. Some office workers have been suffering from vertebral disc bulging problem, resulting in reduced work performance.

So, your neck’s mobility should be optimized for reducing the forward neck posture. Sit straight and then start moving your neck up & down. Then rotate your neck right and left, just like you’re watching your neighbor. The count for 10 Sec and then release.

2. Best Stretching Exercises: Overhead Shoulder Blade Stretch

serie-Overhead Shoulder Blade Stretch

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Flex your elbow and bring it overhead to the opposite side. Pretend that you’re scratching your upper back. The count for 10 Sec then release. The blood supply of the upper body is increased by doing this stretch workout.

3. Toe Touching

toe touching exercise

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Don’t stand up for this stretch too. Remain in a sitting position and extend your legs then try to touch your toes from your hand’s finger but don’t bend your knees. The count for 10 sec then release.  You may feel numbness or calf muscle shutdown problem when hanging your legs while sitting for a longer time, this issue can be resolved if you do this stretch workout regularly.


4.Workout Stretches Women: Knee to Chest

knee to chest exercise

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This stretch workout can be done in either sitting or standing position, depending upon your comfort level. Stand or sit straight and then bring your flexed knee to the chest. Start counting for 10 sec then release. Due to the semi-flexed knee, your knees are straining about ¼ loads; hence, for reducing the pressure ratio, this stretch can help you. Thus, it can also improve the knee joint mobility and prevents the sudden knee-locking


5. Side Bending

side bending exercise

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Bring your arm overhead to the opposite side and bend to the side of an outstretched arm. You’ll feel the stretch in your sides and repeat it to the opposite side. The count for 10 sec and release. The flexibility of your back and side muscles is increased by doing this stretch, which will help you to sustain your upright posture throughout the day.


6. Spirit Fingers

stretch at work

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Your fingers are responsible for doing fine movements including, typing and writing. If they get fatigued, you can’t continue your work. So, clasp the fingers of the extended hands and bring it overhead. Remember, your palms should face the ceiling, and then you’ll get the optimal effect of this stretch. If you can do this stretch workout up to 10 sec, then it is well and good but if you’re feeling any pain then, drops them down.

You can also check out the follow stretch workout video

Don’t feel awkward while doing all the above-listed energy-boosters because it’ll create the sense of self-worth and attractiveness 🙂

Leave your comment below and let us know if you want us to add any other stretch workout.

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