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22 Natural Ways to Deal with Depression!

Depression can occur due to any reason. But why take antidepressant pills and harm your body mentally and physically? Try these natural ways instead.

Depression is a prison, where we play the dual role of a cruel jailer as well as a pathetic prisoner’ – by Dorothy Rowe

In simple words, depression can be best related to the extreme sadness, including helpless, worthless and hopeless. We usually self-isolate ourselves, we avoid social gatherings for not facing anyone, leaving our spirit to move further or to confront the situation. Hence, we fall deep in the state of depression and make our road to recovery impossible.

Depression is normal for many people around us. They take the feeling of sadness as a challenge rather and eventually due to their optimistic approach, they cope up with the depression without any medical help. Though, this is the medical condition and most people taking an antidepressant to overcome the anxiety and depression sudden attacks.

Are we surrounded with the multiple triggers?  Yes. Triggers are those stimulants which regulate our mood and behavior. If we accomplish any goal, we act like the happiest person of this world but when any challenging situations occur, we opt for the depression instead of finding the solution.

Our life is like a rainbow, encapsulated with some dark and light colors. Though, it is full of surprises, challenges, unexpected events, hard works and accomplishments. It is up to us how we will react when dark colored phases occur in our life like depression, anxiety and phobic disorders, and what will be our measures for the light colored phases like joy, happiness and success.

Undoubtedly, depression is inevitable in our lives but the trick for coping with it is entirely dependent upon us, rather we take it in a positive or negative way.

First of all, we should know the reason of our depression, what are the triggers, making us sad and unhappy? Some most common causes are,

1. Consistent failure
2. Bullying
3. Emotional or physical abuse
4. Side effects of medicines
5. Death
6. Genetically inherit
7. Pregnancy
8. Divorce
9. Retiring
10. Loss of your job or financial weakness
11. Relationship break-ups

If we want to get rid of depression, we want to rule out the cause of it because if we know the cause, we can fix it in a proper way.

What is the rocket-science behind depression?

Many researchers revealed that when the neural circuits, regulating the mood and behavior in our brain is disturbed, the depression episodes start. Thus, it leaves the negative impact on our mental and physical health.

So, it is not too much late to stop our depression problem, we can stop the depression now if we opt for the following listed Natural Pills,

1. Divert the mind

depression goals


If we begin our day with some plans, then we can easily come to our normal lives. Yet, it is very difficult in starting but if we’ve a determination, then we can also do it. Initially, we’ve to stop over-thinking, because due to the constant recalling the trigger event, we’ll progress towards the deterioration rather than the recovery of depression.

2. Say Om



Sit in a cross-legged position, close your eyes, and raise your hands in Namaste position and say, Om. Just feel the vibration of this word and recall your achievements and happy days. Repeat this technique up to 5 times and maintain the position until unless your mind is not refreshed.

3. Start Deep Breathing

deep breathing


After doing meditation, maintain the above position and close your eyes. Start deep breathing, inhale and exhale slowly. Fresh oxygen in transported in the body and though, your mind will get the fresh oxygen which will help in generating the positiveness and productivity.

4. Go to a Spa or a Massage center

body massage


When we’re depressed, our neck and shoulder muscles taut and causes pain. Spa and massage leave a psychological impact, soothing our nerves and make us more relaxed. So, relaxation therapy can help us to get rid of depression.

Note: Pregnant lady should avoid the spa because it can cause neurological impairment in the baby.

5. Listen Music



Upbeat music is the best instant remedy for boosting the energy levels. Researchers revealed that if we listen to slow music, we can beat the depression episodes. Music has a positive effect on our mood and behavior; it provides the wave of confidence, calm our anxiety and generate the sense of well-being.

6. Bring back the power of positive thinking



Never leaving the optimistic approaches has been a very hard job to do but if we remain motivated and determined then this task will be achieved. During the depression phase, we usually convert our positive thoughts into a negative one. As a result, we’ll be surrounded by the negativity and notice the negative happenings, occurring around us.

All of us should remain positive in every walk of life, regardless how difficult the condition is and what will be the circumstances.

7. Laughter therapy

laughter therapy


Did we ever notice about the joy that we get after laughing too much? Usually, we just laugh without any reason and even on stupid things but for defeating the depression, the laughter therapy has been the most potent form of medication. We can watch comedy cartoons, movies and can also read the witty fiction novels to get back to our normal lives.

8. Start Talking to ourselves

bla bla bla

No, we’ll not look mad if we start talking to ourselves. Most intelligent persons are those who talk to themselves.  We should say loudly what is in our mind, what we’re feeling, what’ll we do in the future. Our own voice will become the driving force to reduce the depression. If we hear our future goals, we become more passionate and dedicated towards them.

9. Eat a Balanced Diet

Balanced diet

Energy-boosting food can less the negative triggers of depression including, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, avocado, berries, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, beans, seeds and apple. If we include the combo of fruits and vegetables in our plate, we can also get a bonus of treating many other diseases as well.

10. A chat with Sincere friend

people talking


If we speak out all the events happened to us due to which we’re not getting out of the depression phase, we can feel better. Though, if we don’t find any sincere friend, then we can share our cause of depression with our siblings or parents, thus they know us more than the other person in the world.

11. write all the worries and set goals



Writing the past, present and future on the white paper can assist us in forgetting about the past, thinking about the present along with setting the goals for the future. Writing is anyway a good habit.

12. Get closer to the aims

climbing ladders


Despite finding perfection in every task, it’s better to get satisfied of whatever we’ve achieved. If we make certain plans for our future, then we should pursue towards them without any fear.

In depression, the fear is the main obstacle which restricts us to normalize ourselves and socialize around.

13. Take inspiration from others



Every person in this world has different psychology and different strategies to cope up with the difficulties. Most common depression occurs when we confront the failures and we think that ‘we are useless’. Inspirations from those who’ve been through the similar situations act like the antidepressants.

After reading their stories, we’ll get the motivation and self-confidence!

14. Implement 5 into 30



Jogging, walking, biking or dancing for about five times a week for 30 minutes are the depression –defeating exercise. They release the happy hormone (serotonin), which will regulate our mood and behavior by lowering the sadness.

15. Do Volunteer work



By engaging in any volunteer work, in which we can interact with new people, make new friends and enlarge our social circle enables us to break the depression attacks. Self-isolation and low confidence can also be overcome while remaining active in any social or volunteer work.

16. Do workout with your ‘exercise buddy’

exercise with friend


Workout with our colleague or partner will make us stick to the regimen. Group exercises are far much better than doing a solo workout; it develops the sense of competition about who will achieve the target first.

17. Join the online support group of depressed patients



However, online support groups for the depressed persons are also the best source of sharing our experience and learning from their experiences as well. We can break the self-isolation and fear of failure by becoming the part of the group.

18. A glass of Lemon water



Lemon is high in vitamin C and it can reduce the depression and stress.  A glass of warm Lemon Water can give us the cleansing effect as well, providing the energy and lessens the risks of dehydration.

19. Power of Sunlight

sunlight jogging


It is highly recommended that brisk walking for about 15 minutes of bright sunlight and the fresh air every day can help in reducing the feelings of depression. At least, we can take out 15 minutes for ourselves not only to avoid the depression episodes, yet also for being physically and mentally fit.

20. Aromatherapy



Floral scents create the calming and relaxing effect on the depressed mind. Aromatherapy is inexpensive and can be used simply, thus, this has been practiced in the treatment of moderate to severe form of depression.

Jasmine, Sandalwood, Basil and Rose are the common essential oils which can be used as the depression-breaking agents.

21. Adequate amount of sleep



Sleep deprivation is the negative trigger for the depression, if the sleep quality along with quantity is decreased, the depression symptoms will be aggravated automatically.

22. AcupunctureAcupuncture


In acupuncture, fine needles are inserted on the specific pressure points of the body for the therapeutic purpose. Make sure that we‘re going to reduce our stress from the acupuncture, the professional should be qualified and licensed.


Scroll up and read the quote again, done? So, it depends on us, rather we’ll overcome with the problem of depression or we’ll be attracted more towards depression. Choose the best one from the above-listed natural pills and say goodbye to your depression 🙂

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