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14 Ways to be Calm in any Stressful situation!

These days, being in a stressful situation is a common scenario. But we all need to take care of ourselves so that the stress doesn’t affect our health.

In any stressful condition, we usually panic and confuse, and deciding the wrong thing for us. Whenever our mind is stressed out, we can’t even focus on our important tasks and decreases our performance level. Stressed mind indirectly increases the blood pressure, resulting in a headache and migraine. So, it is very important to manage your stress and be happy with the stressful condition.

Though, it would be difficult for you to be calm and happy while facing the stress but if you try to follow them in the stressful condition, you can easily learn the trick. So, do you know the positive effects of the happiness on our health? Well, happiness is the key which can boost your energy, makes you more dedicated and motivated towards your task and radiates the positivity around you.

As depression, panic and anxiety are the hallmarks of the stress, we should opt for the ways by which we can maintain the positivity and search the better option for solving the problem. So, here we’ll uncover the ways to be stress-free in a stressful condition.

1. Watch the humorous movies or clips



When you’re stressed out, your mind thinks about the most adverse things which could happen as a consequence of the current situation but wait! Don’t think about the adverse situation, just grab your cell phone and Google the funniest movies or clips. Laughter stimulates the release of endorphins, acting as the antidote for the stress, conflict, and depression.

So, your mind should be stress-free and focused to get the problem resolved. Nowadays, social media websites are filled with the short humorous clip, I would suggest you to watch them and de-clutter your mind in the stressful situation.

2. know your temperament level



All the individuals on this planet have different temperament levels and we all have a different tendency too. Maybe your anger level is too high as compare to your sister but on the other hand, your sister has the higher tendency to get afraid easily.

Know your temperament of the anxiety, worry, guilt and fear by writing down your emotions in any white paper. It’ll make you feel better and leads you towards the best possible approach.

3. Find out your triggers



The things which can aggravate the stress are called as the triggers. Like if we strike on the trigger of the other person, he’ll be more stressed out and show the unexpected behavior. Some people are conscious about their studies and when they get low grades in their academics, they would feel that this is the most awful thing happened to them.

Triggers have the capability to turn your happy and calm life into the most pathetic one. But everything depends upon you rather you’ll face and fight with the situation or lose your hopes.  So, make a list of your triggers and if anyone hits on your triggers then show your positive side and pretend that you literally don’t care about them.

4. Self-esteem is everything



When you don’t get the appropriate job, you assume that you’re the biggest loser in this world and as the failure increases in your life; thus, you lower your self-esteem and shattered morally. The journey of your inferiority doesn’t end over here; in fact, you think about the negativity around you first instead of the positive approach.

Try to keep motivated until you succeed in your target. Like, if you didn’t get your first job, don’t think like ‘I’m such a stupid and weak person that I didn’t even clear the interview’. Let’s change the phrase like ‘I’m the brightest person and will win the best job soon’.

So, don’t become the inferiority complex person, your hard work and determination will eventually make the way to help you one of the successful personality of the nation.

5. Accept your fault



This is the major mistake of our society that we don’t accept our mistakes and ultimately, listen to the rude phrases from our boss or colleagues. Yeah, mistakes can be done by the human but repeating the same mistake is not the mistake, it becomes your habit; thus, you confront the embarrassment in front of your colleagues or relatives. So, accept your fault and then try not to repeat it.

6. Breaths are the power booster



Our breaths have the ability to empower our self-esteem and encourage us to pass every hurdle of the life. This is the most simple and cost-free method to rejuvenate yourself.

Whatever the situation is, just close your eyes and start deep breathing and hear your breaths, maintain the focus and inhale & exhale. When you open your eyes, you feel relaxed and empowered. So, instead of panic around, just sit down calmly and implement this technique.

7. Talk and share



Sometimes, anyone’s advice changes your life and you think that ‘why I haven’t discussed my problem earlier with him’. I know it’s kind of a difficult task for any introvert person to talk and share his matters with anyone.

But you can’t unlock every lock; you need anyone’s assistance to give you a hint for picking the right key. So, maybe your friend or your parents have that key which can unwind your worries; thus, you shouldn’t feel hesitate while sharing your worries with your trustworthy person.

8. Get some healthy food and drink



While preparing for the final exam, your stress levels are at peak and it is the toughest job to focus on whatever you’re studying. Thus, you opt for your favorite food to lower the intensity of the stressful environment. And this idea works!

Don’t take the worries on your head, just move to your kitchen and make the coffee and enjoy its soothing effects. Its calming effect will not only de-stress; yet, it’ll also energize you to walk towards the favorable approach.

9. Make a plan



Plan, execute and win simply! When you follow any plan according to the set guidelines, the accomplishment of the target will eventually become closer to you and thus, you achieve this in an expected timeframe.

Though, if your triggers are targeted for the first time, it doesn’t mean that the situation will remain same; yet, you can change it by thinking wisely and taking out the appropriate measures.

10. Prepared mentally



Like only watching dark side is injurious to your health; similarly, thinking about only the bright side is not the good sign. You should consider the both sides of the coin and get prepared mentally. If the situation will not be under your favor then what will you do and if the thing will according to your expectations then what will be your next step.

So, plan it earlier to get ready for every situation. If you’re ready for facing the situation, your stress level won’t be that much high.

11. Implement the progressive muscle relaxation



When you’re extremely stressed out, your muscle will be tensed and tighten in response to the stress. So, this technique is all about to be calm in the stressful condition regardless whatever the reason is and how severely are you affected by this.

Begin by choosing the calm and quiet place if you can but if you can’t find this then it’s okay. If possible, loosen your tight clothes. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and start deep breathing. Then tense your face, then neck and shoulder and then release after 5 seconds. Then, purse your lips tightly for 5 seconds then release with a wide smile.

12. Take a break



Stop your activity when the stressful situation occurs. Continuing your activity in the stressful condition is not a good idea. The best way to cool down yourself is to walk out of the situation and seek the comfortable environment where you can find the way to deal with the situation without jeopardizing your position.

Like if you have an argument with your college and the situation turned into the heated debate then ask him that you need a 10-minute break. During the short break from the heated debate, think about how you can end this discussion on a positive note.

13. Play the crossword puzzle or any other game



It might be equal to impossible for you but believe me, when you engage in any problem-solving-activity; it favors you to pick the best possible option.

Stay focused while playing the game, assume that you’re disconnecting the loops of the triggers and relaxing your mind without thinking about it. Try temple run or candy crush to get out from the burden of unwanted thoughts.

14. Stand in front of the mirror and smile



This measure would sound crazy but talking to you or even passing a smile to the mirror is very beneficial for you to release happy hormones. Since, laughter is the antidote of the stress. So, try to smile and talk in front of the mirror whatever you want to say. No one will stop you and break your confidence.

Well, try all the above-listed- measures and let us about which is proved to be the most effective technique for you.

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