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12 Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown!

It is a natural phenomenon of our body, it tolerates the stress up to a limit and then occurs the Nervous Breakdown. But please don’t ignore these symptoms!

So, a nervous breakdown is not a sudden and abrupt condition that occurs without any reason; yet, we usually ignore the initial symptoms of the nervous breakdown and move on with our work. But listen what happens next? Your cognitive abilities are affected and it’ll originate the other associated symptoms.

This is the natural phenomenon that our body tolerates the stress until its limit is not achieved, the stress could be in the form of the depression, anxiety or insomnia. Consequently, our brain tolerates all the stress trauma’s to some extent but when its threshold exceeds, the person experiences the severe nervous breakdown.

Only mentally retarded individuals visit the psychiatrist is the biggest assumption of our society; thus, keeping us away from seeking the medical help immediately. Nothing can help you from further deterioration of your mental status except ruling out and treating the symptoms earlier. So, here we’ll highlight the most common nervous breakdown symptoms which shouldn’t be ignored and you should take it seriously for saving your life.

1. Mood swings

Mood Swings


Your mood reflects your mental status but some people have the art to hide their emotions and don’t show their feelings on their face but mostly, the drastic change in the mood is seen in the people who are in the early phase of the nervous breakdown.

You’ll notice the drastic change in the mood, ranging from the depression to the low self-esteem to the isolation from the social gathering.  Eventually, you’ll be deeply dragged into the depression episodes and it’ll give rise to other complications. Observe that your mood and reaction are unjustifiable contrasted with how they were in past, then share the condition with your close friend or family member.

2. Divided attention

person talking


When your mood is drastically changed, you’ll be unable to pay the attention to your important tasks, resulting in the pending matters or failure in achieving the targets. Divided attention will affect your life from every dimension either it is social, professionally or personally.

Focused, determined and dedicated are the fundamental of the concentration, if you lose the concentration, all these factors will also be evaporated. Well, you should also notice that how frequently you lose the attention during the meetings or conversation. If this happens frequently then don’t feel shameful while consulting with any psychotherapist.

3. Depression and anxiety



Your mind would only consider the darkest aspect of your life and if you want to think in a positive way, the negative thoughts will change the positive perspective into the negative one. We all agree that the depression and anxiety are the first step towards the declination of the mental status.

So, whenever, you feel that you’re sinking in the negative thoughts and can’t cope up with it. Then just loudly say the positive phrase like ‘I can win the job’. That’ll produce the positive signals in your brain, helping you to minimize the negative thoughts.

4. Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts


When you utterly feel that the situation can’t be controlled and you’ve no right to live the happy life, the suicidal thoughts will surely come in your mind. You would feel that it is the end of your life and you can’t take all this anymore but wait, who are you, a fighter or a loser?

You’ll choose the fighter because you’re trying hard to achieve whatever you wants to, regardless how difficult would be your journey and how much time it would take to complete your goals but you’re putting all your efforts to accomplish your dreams.

Assess that why suicidal thoughts are coming in your mind even if you’re blessed with too many favors by the God but still you want to end your life with no logical reason. I would suggest you to note the suicidal-thoughts-episode, and if it is frequent then take an appointment from the psychotherapist to discuss your case.

5. Difficult to manage the stress

managing stress


The stress levels will be at peak and even the unimportant thing can upgrade your stress levels. While coping with stress, easy tasks will be turned into the difficult one and this irritates you too. Any event or situation that results in a disturbed mental condition would make the management of the stress too much difficult.

The event or situation could be a financial loss, loss of someone close, breakup and any trauma. If you’re unable to cope with the situation and you’re searching the antidepressants to calm yourself, then don’t take the pills and share your mental status with the psychotherapist.

6. Loss of appetite



Your boyfriend has ended the relationship through a single text message or you just lost someone who is very close are the shocking news for you. Your appetite would badly effect when your mental health is disturbed. You would not bother your favorite meal with the depressed mind.

When your food intake is compromised, your body couldn’t meet the demand of the essential nutrients of the system, resulting in the sudden weakness and weight loss. Some people also break up with their food in frustration and start starving for completing their demands. Instead of saying goodbye to food, you’ve other options too for making your wishes come true.

So, don’t reduce your daily intake of the food because your vital organs need the fuel to function properly and normally; and the food serves as the fuel in your body.

7. Systemic symptoms

Systemic symptoms


We believe that the mental problem has no effect on the other systems of the body, but this is not true. When the stress increased, your body activates the fight or flight response and as a result, it stimulates the series of the responses from other systems of the body.

The common responses are increased heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, upset stomach, clammy hands, and lack of energy, tensed muscles, dizziness, and fatigue. Along with the emotional symptoms, if you’re experiencing these physical symptoms, then get a medical help immediately.

8. Unusual emotional symptoms

Unusual emotional symptoms


Yeah, it could be due to the imbalance in your hormones but it would not occur for longer duration normally. The hormonal response subsides by the time due to the normal physiological response. But if you’re not feeling well after 1 to 2 weeks and other associated symptoms like suicidal thoughts are also popping up in your mind, then it is reflecting that you can suffer from the nervous breakdown soon.

It is the severe stage of the mood swings, in which you would like to cry and cry without any relevant reason. But in the other second, you would feel that everyone is against you and no one cares about you. Afterward, you’ll lack the happiness and excitement in your life, making your condition worse.

9. Dependency on the substance abuse increased

substance abuse


Increased alcohol consumption, smoking frequently and addiction of the drugs are all the factors reflecting that you can’t further tolerate the stress and that’s why you’re finding another way to relax your mind and throw all the worries away.

Scientifically, alcohol, smoking, and drug addiction will lead you towards the further complications. It can make your mental status even worse.

When the alcohol uptake is increased in your body, it’ll affect your kidney or liver resulting in the kidney or liver failure.  If you opt for the smoking to get rid of your current mental condition, it’ll gradually decrease the lung function, suppressing your normal ventilation process. And if you rely on the drugs, it’ll directly target your brain’s health, making you mentally retarded by the time.

Hence, stop depending on the artificial and harmful sources for combating with the stress because it’ll boost up the risks of the nervous breakdown. So, instead of opting on these options, try to be closer to your spirituality, you’ll surely feel more relaxed and calm than the latter options.

10. Messing up all around



Your mental state can be predicted by your surroundings, how orderly the stuff is organized in your room and how clean your lounge is. If you’re not feeling well mentally, you would feel happy and satisfied in the messed up surrounding and would reluctant to clean it as well.

A little mess is acceptable but if you’re not finding your important assignment form in the stack of the files, then there is no doubt that you’re extremely disturbed and you need a good counselor who can sort out your problem.

11. Insomnia episodes



Confusion and depression will impair your circadian rhythm too, by which you’ll encounter the insomnia episodes almost daily. Lack of sleep can be due to other reasons as well but if it is accompanied with the other nervous breakdown symptoms then it is indicating that something is going wrong with you and you’ve to figure it out.

12. Panic attacks

Panic attacks


Any trigger can drive your mental status towards the further devastation, panic attacks reflect that you’re stressed out previously and the trigger is enough to increase the pressure on your brain. When the things go out of the way and you feel like crazy this condition is referred to as the panic attacks. Other associated symptoms are running out of the situation, increased feeling of dying, confused while solving life’s problem and shortness of breaths.

Sometimes, an outburst is also accompanied with the other symptoms of the panic attack, showing the severity of the disturbed mental state. However, if you know your triggers and your weakness, the nervous breakdown risk factors will be reduced ultimately.

Well, we all are bound with loads of worries and stress but it doesn’t mean that we take them very seriously. Relax and think about the solution but after thinking about the solution, you’re still facing the symptoms, then fix the appointment with the psychologist or psychiatrist straight way.

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