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12 Exercises to Tone Your Arms at Home!

Nobody loves saggy arms, where one is not confident about their dressing. We bring you 12 arm exercises that will tone your arms and remove the sagginess.

Toned and sculpted arms are the dream of every obese woman, most of the time when you can’t wear the sleeveless tops due to the saggy arms and consequently, you decide to join the gym for cutting the fatty layers of your arms. Do you really think that the lifting heavy weights alone can help you to get the slender arms? Yeah, this helps so, but the time duration of losing the flabbiness of your arms will be prolonged.

Well, you made a right decision to join the gym for reducing your body weight as a whole but if you incorporate exercises along with using the gym machines, the outcome will be more than your satisfaction and you’ll get the expected results in less timeframe.

You should be careful while applying all the exercises that the movement should be controlled, rhythmic and accurate. If you can’t follow the instructions properly, you’ll be unable to achieve the expected results. Before applying the exercise circuit, ask your doctor first about it.

But if you’re a binge eater, then forget that you’ll lose weight in an expected timeframe because your unhealthy diet will affect negatively on your health and fitness even if you do the gym for 2 hours daily. Diet and fitness are directly related, if one component is missing, the accomplishment of your target becomes difficult. While doing each move, you should inhale and exhale properly.

So, here we’re discussing the arm’s exercises that can make your weight losing journey much more interesting.

1. Weight press down

Weight press down


The most annoying part of your arms are the triceps (back part of your arms) and they have the capability to store some extra fat, making your arms  not beautiful. The weight press down is the amazing exercise that exhausts your triceps and also stretches your oblique muscles. You don’t need any sort of equipment and weights to perform this.

All you need to do is to sit on the chair with your arms resting on your thighs, back straight and knees making the 90 degrees along with the foot resting on the floor. Use the 2-liter water bottle as your weight but if you have the pair of dumbbells in your home then it’s absolutely fine.

Hold the water bottle in your right arm and then bring the weight above your head, then slowly press down the weights in the downward direction. The more slowly you’ll move your arms, the more effective will this exercise works. Repeat this exercise for about 10-15 times and try to do 2 sets of this exercise.

2. Chair dips

chair dips gif


This move is not only good for your arms, in fact, it also strengthen your back. You need the chair for performing this exercise but make sure that the chair is not too high; your chair should be 2 feet higher than the ground.

Begin this move by taking 3 steps forward from your furniture then place your hands on the edge of the chair in such a way that your back is facing the chair. Make sure that your upper body is straight. Then bend your knees with the foot placed firmly on the ground. Then flex your elbows and lower your upper body to the floor but it doesn’t mean that your body should touch on the floor; yet, your body should be some inches above from the ground.  Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets of this exercise.

3. Wall push-ups

Wall push-ups gif


Though, the push ups for every beginner is the most difficult to do but if we add some modifications in the exercise, we can make it much easier than the standard exercise. Wall push-ups also help you to tone your back along with giving the shape of your arms.

In this exercise, the wall will act as the resistance, which increase the strength of your arm and back muscle more efficiently.

Stand straight and your face should be towards the wall, take two steps back and then place your extended arms on the wall. Then push your body towards the wall and inhale and then come back to the starting position by exhaling. Your Glutes and tummy should be tucked in to get the extra effect on your abs and butts. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

4. Biceps curl

Biceps curl gif


The front part of your arm is the biceps and it should be toned along with the triceps. The flexion and extension of your arms are performed by the biceps and triceps; that’s why, their symmetrical strengthening is very important.

The basic concept of this exercise is that stand straight with your hips-width-apart and your shoulders should be straight with your arms resting by side. Make the fist and build pressure on your fist (this’ll give you the effect of the dumbbells). Then slowly flex your elbows by not moving your elbows from your side. And then extend again. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

If you want to add the difficulty in this move, you can hold the water bottle of 2 liters or 2 kg dumbbells. But if you’re a beginner then I would suggest you to perform the described exercise as directed.

5. Scissors



Highly fun loving and intense exercise! I would suggest you to begin your workout with this exercise due to its high pace and cardio effect. You can also incorporate this exercise in your warm up to increase your heart rate and heat up your body. We move our arms and legs in the criss–cross pattern just like the scissor moves.

Stand straight, lift your arms to the shoulder height. Stretch your arms to the side and then bring them in front of you by overlapping right hand on the left hand. Similarly, you should also move your legs just like your arms, for example if you’re overlapping your right arm on the left one then you should also overlap the right leg on the left leg. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

6. X jumps

X jumps gif


This is the best move that will engage your whole arm and it’ll also strong your core.  We can call this exercise as the modification of the scissors due to the movement of arms and legs in the different directions.

For performing it, stand straight and then make the same position of the scissors but your arms should be above your head along with the horizontal movement of your legs. You can incorporate this exercise with the scissors to begin your exercise circuit with the higher energy. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

7. Arm circles

Arm circles

This is the super exciting stuff and you can really enjoy your arms workout by including this exercise in your workout routine.  Stand straight with your hips width apart and arms extended out to the sides. Your arms should be at your shoulder level, then start doing the small circular motions of your arms, first in the clockwise and then in the anticlockwise position.

For adding up more difficulty in this move, try to do the big circular motions. try to do 15-20 repetitions and 2 sets each.

8. Half moon rotations

Half moon rotations


Though, this exercise seems that it’ll affect only on the certain part of your arms but this exercise will target your shoulder, biceps and triceps. What you need to do is to extend your arms out to the sides and rotate your thumbs back and then forward. Make sure that you’re keeping your arms straight, don’t move your whole arms; movement should be done on your wrist. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

9. High V

High V


This is the most challenging and effective exercise of arms. Begin this exercise by standing straight and your arms stretched out to the sides; lift your arms above the shoulder level. Make the fist and sustain the pressure. Your palms should face the body and then make the ‘v’ position with your arms. Come back to the starting position and repeat this exercise for about 10-15 times and try to do 2 sets.

10. Planks



Along with losing the extra fatty layers from your arms, other parts of the body also need to be strengthened. So, planks is the whole body exercise, which is effective for your core and legs as well.  Prone lie on the ground and then prop up your upper body on your flexed elbows. Support your lower body onto your toes. Maintain the position for about 15 seconds. Attempt 2 sets of planks.

11. Overhead bends

Overhead bends gif


This move will provide the two benefits; it’ll tone your oblique (side muscles) and your shoulders. Stand straight with your hips-feet-width-apart, make the fist of your fingers or you can hold the towel in your hands and stretch it above your head. Bend on the right side with the left outstretched hand and then on the left side with the right outstretched hand. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times and try to do 2 sets.

12. Lateral arm raise

Lateral arm raise gif


Simply, stand straight and keep your arms by side. Then just lift your both arm to the shoulder level and then repeat this exercise for about 15-20 seconds. Try to do 2 sets of this exercise.

Well, you can pick the exercise of your choice from all the above listed exercises and can trim your excessive fat of your arms. After getting the effective results, share your experience with us.

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