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12 Actions You Must Take To Control The Diabetes!

These days, from a small child to an old person is suffering from Diabetes. Though naturally or hereditary but still one can control the level of diabetes!

When your doctor told you after interpreting the reports that you’re a diabetic patient now, this would be the most shocking news for you and eventually, the known cases of uncontrolled diabetes come in your mind.  In this era, every third person is suffering from the type -2 diabetes and unfortunately, they get to know about their disease when it’s difficult to control.

Many people amongst us believe that the type 2 diabetes can’t be controlled and the only way to live the happy life with the diabetes is to eliminate the food from their lives.  Yeah, this concept is correct but other factors also have their significant importance too when it comes to reduction in the complications of diabetes and its management.

So, here we’ll be disclosing the life-changing-measures that will not only control your diabetes; in fact, it’ll improve your overall health as well.

1. Eliminate sugar from your life but sometimes it is OK



So, why only sugar elimination is too much emphasized in the diabetes management? Well, type 2 diabetes occurs when the sugar controlling hormone insulin is not working properly. Whenever, you eat or drink anything, our brain signals the pancreas (insulin-releasing organ) to produce and generate the insulin in the blood to normalize the blood sugar levels.

But as in diabetes, the insulin production is not supported, increasing the blood sugar levels and it leads to the hyperglycemia, which would be very dangerous for our brain. Due to this reason, every diabetic patient is advised to take the medicine before or after the meal.

Eliminate the sugary foods from your life including concentrated beverages, chocolates, sweets etc from your life but when you feel dry mouth, drowsiness, weakness and blurred vision, then munch on the sugar straight away, because it could be the signal of the low blood sugar. It could be dangerous as well like the high sugar content in your blood. However, check your blood sugar via glucometer before taking the sugar.

2. Don’t skip meals



This idea would raise your blood sugar and as you know it that it would be difficult for your vital systems to control the sugar. Instead of skipping meals, try to opt on the healthy diet, which is far much better option than starving.

During sleeping, our brain sends the order to the liver to utilize the stored glucose for maintaining the glucose level in the body until we eat the breakfast. But in diabetes, the liver doesn’t sense the stored glucose and it leads to the reduced blood sugar levels. So, when you skip your meals, it’ll directly effect on your glucose storage, causing the hypoglycemic attack.

Meals skipping also encourages the overeating, leading to the increase weight gain. Perhaps, increased weight will produce more stress in your heart and increases the cardiovascular disease chances. So, if you’re thinking that the starving or meal skipping is the best option, and then leave this idea right away.

3. Opt on the healthier carbohydrates and fiber



Sugar, rice, and white flour are all the sources of the carbohydrates but how about if we replace all the sugar-rich- carbohydrates with the low- sugar-carbs. As carbohydrates are the main source that works as the fuel in our body for regulating the normal function properly, we should consider other options of the carbohydrates too which will aids in controlling your blood glucose.

The popularity of the fiber has been spread in all over the world, and every nutritionist is recommending the intake of fiber in the diet for maintaining the weight. Similarly, you should include the fiber in your diet including pasta, brown bread, and brown rice.

Do not decrease the amounts of carbohydrates because it can cause a severe headache and weakness. Just replace them with the healthier option.

4. Try diabetes bars and shakes

chocolate cookies and shake


If you’re the chocolate or shake lover, then you can enjoy the flavors of them by trying the diabetes chocolates bars or shakes. According to dietitian Constance Brown-Riggs ’when used as a meal replacement or snack, they can take the guesswork out of carbohydrates counting’.

Keep the sugar-free chocolate in your purse or in your kitchen so that whenever you need it, you don’t need to spend hours for finding it. But make sure that you’re not eating relying on them too much because they can also aggravate your blood glucose level.

5. Add cinnamon to boost the natural flavor of the food



Cinnamon is very beneficial for the diabetic patients, some studies reported that the cinnamon can help diabetes because it reduces the insulin resistance; thus, improving the blood sugar.  Cinnamon can boost the natural flavor of the meal, you can add this is the oatmeal to increase its taste. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on the tomato sauce; it’ll bring out its natural flavor.

Cinnamon also helps in controlling your weight. Though, the diabetic patients are more prone to gain weight, cinnamon will be the best addition for improving your diabetes throughout.

6. Stay hydrated



Do you know water has the power to treat many problems? Whenever, the dehydration occurs, you’re suggested to drink lots of water in a day but when your kidneys are not functioning properly and suffering from the severe kidney pain, your doctor would say you to drink the water as much as you can.

Similarly, water content in the body is very important to take the control of your diabetes. High blood sugar levels increase the frequency of the urination and what you need to do is to drink the calorie-free fluid, especially water to normalize the blood sugar levels. However, the increased uptake of the water can prevent the dehydration and reducing the further complications of diabetes.

7. Put vinegar drops in your meals



It seems like unusual, but it’s true! Professor Carol S. Johnston at Arizona State University’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation revealed that the Consumption of 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar before a meal may help slow the postmeal surge in blood glucose by as much as 40 percent.

Surprisingly, vinegar reduces the starch digestion and retains the food in the stomach a little longer. It also delays the stomach emptying, resulting in the low blood sugar. But if you’re on the insulin therapy then don’t use it too much because its interaction with the insulin can increase the hypoglycemic episodes. Make your salad dressing healthier by just adding few drops of the vinegar in it.

8. Sleep well



Disturbed or poor sleep can make diabetes worse. When you’re not taking the quality sleep, your circadian rhythm disturbs which eventually lead to the variety of hormonal changes. Increased appetite, high blood sugar, mood and behavior changes occur due to the lack of quality sleep.

Quality sleep can reduce the insulin sensitivity and prevents the further complications. So, don’t compromise it but if you’re facing the severe the insomnia episodes, then discuss this problem with your doctor to sort it out.

9. Don’t forget to do exercise



We can’t neglect the benefits of the exercise on diabetes. Most of the diabetic patient prefers the sleep over the exercise, but it hits your physical activity level indirectly. You should keep moving to control your hormones and eliminates the inactivity from your life.

Even a 30-minute walk can improve the blood circulation and prevents the diabetic foot. When the blood supply of the legs is compromised, the chances of the injury will eventually increase and it would lead to the diabetic foot or diabetic neuropathy.

So, wake up early in the morning, wear your gym suit, put on your sneakers, pass a smile in the mirror which is just before you and go for the walk and feel the fresh air.

10. Supplements should be checked



Though, you would find a number of supplements in the market but it doesn’t mean that you’ll try all of them. Before purchasing the supplements, investigate about their ingredients and research the supplements as a whole. Just remember that your immunity is compromised right now and if anything doesn’t suit you, it will effects negatively to your body.

You love yourself for sure and want to make diabetes healthy, but it could only be possible if you check before you eat and after satisfying completely, purchase the supplements. Discuss the supplemental therapy with your doctor also and think about it if your doctor suggests you.

11. Quit smoking or alcohol consumption



Alcohol and smoking both can be dangerous for the diabetic warrior. After getting diagnosed with diabetes, you should don’t think over and over again about the quitting smoking or alcohol consumption.

Smoking and alcohol amplifies the process of every single diabetic complication. So, your doctor can help you for getting rid of both these habits. One more thing, do not lie in front of the doctors especially about these two habits because by hiding about any substance abuse, you’re jeopardizing your life without any logical reason.

12. Don’t take the stress



Outburst, panicking around and too much stress can activate the fight or flight response, resulting in the increased blood glucose levels and meal avoidance. So, stay away from stress and if you’re facing any kind of a depression then instead of panicking, talk to your family member or even doctor to counsel you and make your mind relax.

However, diabetes management rests on the lifestyle modification and it can only occur when you include the favorable measures in your life. So, all of the above-described measures will leave the drastic impact on your life.

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