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10 Health Benefits of Acupuncture!

The acupuncture is all about the pinning procedure at certain pressure points of the body but it is not harmful at all. Instead, it is beneficial to health.

Though, we can’t deny the significance of the medicines and invasive approaches for diagnose, treat and restores our quality of life; similarly, the alternative medicines are also scientifically proved as the patient-care-phillic method that can progress the condition to some extent. Acupuncture also falls under the category of alternative medicines, which is derived from the Ancient Chinese tradition.

We often hear a lot of myths about acupuncture just because of their pinning procedure; it’s true that the acupuncture treatment is done by the insertion of pins and needles at the certain pressure points of the body but it is not harmful at all. So, what is the basic concept of acupuncture? How the pressure points are linked to the treatment of the particular disease? Well, there are two concepts about acupuncture,

 1. The experts at the Center for spirituality & healing at the University of Minnesota explained about the acupuncture’s mechanism in such a way that in Chinese medicine, it is believed that the disease occurs due to the disturbance in the normal flow of energy (qi). Acupuncture activates the specific pressure points on the skin, which releases the qi; thus, treating the disease so far.

 2. Ting Bao at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York also described the latest hypothesis about the acupuncture; she said that the acupuncture is directly linked with the neurohormonal pathways.

When the needles are penetrated in the skin, the nerves under the layers of skin stimulated and it carry the signals to the brain and spinal cord for releasing the hormones like beta-endorphin. Consequently, the pain sensation diminishes and you feel stress-free and pain-free just after the session of the acupuncture.

Hence, the acupuncture advantages are extensive and researchers are exploring more benefits that could be used to attain the therapeutic benefits. Take a look on the following advantages of the acupuncture,

1. De-clutter your mind

clean mind


During any confusion or problem, your mind may see the dark aspect first. It happens due to the panic and anxiety attack at the same time. All this mess leads to the thinking-paralyses, you may not think about the better option to cope up with the problem and it could make your position awkward also. You can get out of this situation only, when your mind is de-cluttered.

De-cluttered mind will helps you to open the multiple ways to combat and confront with the problem. Acupuncture favors this process and sends the positive vibes to your brain, leading to the opening of your mind cognitively. So, if you’re too much confused and can’t get the loop to solve the problem, try to take the acupuncture session soon.

2. Reduce the stress

stress and depression


As stress is the major culprit that encourages many problems like depression, high blood pressure and cardiac disease, you should take effective measures to get rid of stress from your life. Acupuncture has shown tremendous effects for reducing stress. It reduces the sympathetic symptoms (fight or flight response), which eventually lowers the stress levels.

A study also suggested that if the acupuncture session is taken once a week, it’ll regulate your mood and treat the depression. They further revealed that the acupuncture releases the happy-making-neurotransmitters, very beneficial for the chronic depression treatment. However, aromatherapy in conjunction with the acupuncture has also shown benefits for treating the stress.

3. Makes the immune system stronger

immune system


The immune system is responsible to detect any foreign body and then destroy them without producing harmful effect to the body.  Hence, immune system should be strengthened so that it can deal with the microorganism efficiently.  When the needles are placed on the acupressure points, the activity of the immune cells production increased and the immune system becomes stronger. So, it’s not a bad idea to try acupuncture.

4. Aids in loosing extra pounds

weight loss


Overweight can trigger many other lethal diseases. When the fat deposition in your body is increased, it’ll exert more pressure on the vital organs, including heart, kidney and liver. As a result, their function starts to depress and produce a deviation in their normal function. Due to this reason, every medical professional is emphasizing the importance of exercise, so that you can control your weight throughout your life.

Surprisingly, acupuncture has been effective in reducing the excessive fatty layers.  As the acupuncture sends the signal to appetite centers in the brain, the hunger levels also decreased and consequently, your consumption of food is also decreased. However, acupuncture is used as an adjunct with the proper diet and exercise. So, if you’re following any exercise and diet plan, then you should go to the certified acupuncturist for increasing speed of the weight loss process.

5. Lowers blood pressure

blood pressure


Rather the increased or decreased levels of the blood pressure, both are harmful for your health. It directly targets your heart, which can interrupt the normal function of the heart. The most common trigger of the high blood pressure is the stress. Too much stress releases certain hormones, which later on acts on the heart and increase its heart rate along with the constriction of the arteries.

Headache, migraine and shortness of breath are the most common symptoms of the hypertension. Acupuncture   decreases the high blood pressure and removes the excessive strain on the heart. Thus, the heart can pump the blood without any external stress.

6. Increases the energy



Low energy, feeling dizzy and high fatigue rates are the signs of diminished energy levels; you may also reluctant to do any other task after office hours. Hence, you should be energized to do any task easily without any complaints. An acupuncture session can awake the energy centers in your brain, due to which you’ll be rejuvenate and invigorate.

Many patients who were suffering from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome shared their experience about acupuncture treatment that the symptoms were amazingly reduced by the time. Though, all the participants were also taking medicines but they found alternative medicines more effective. So, if your energy levels are lowering with each day, then don’t hesitate to fix the appointment with the acupuncturist.

7. Eases the low back pain

low back pain


Chronic low back pain can be diminished within the few sessions of the acupuncture. The common causes of the low back are sciatica, muscle spasm and stiffness. A study conducted in the Germany confirmed the effectiveness of the acupuncture for reducing the low back pain. Acupuncture tapers down the intensity of the low back pain and decreases the chances of the disability; thus, improving the quality of life.

Sham acupuncture would be more effective in treating the low back pain. So, instead of swallowing too many painkillers, try the acupuncture treatment to restore the normal health of the spine.

8. Treats insomnia



Lack of full sleep can make effect your conscious levels and power of concentration. About every third person is suffering from insomnia due to the psycho-social issues. Acupuncture is very efficient for the quality and quantity of sleep. It releases the neurotransmitters that are responsible for relaxation and sleep; hence, aiding in restoring the full sleep at night.

Furthermore, the pain occurs due to the sleeplessness can also be treated with the regular session of the acupuncture. Undoubtedly, you’ll be seeking antidepressants or sedatives to get the optimal sleep but do you know the side and adverse effects of them? Well, acupuncture has a minimal side effects and that’s why you should prefer acupuncture session over the medicines to fight with the insomnia.

9. Increases your patience level

patience level


Whenever, the latest gadget launched in the market, you would try every effort to get it by anyhow. This shows that your patience levels are too low, which could become a barrier in your life’s success.  It’s true that every glitter is not gold; similarly, sometimes, your inpatient nature can drag you towards the loss, instead of profit.

Acupuncture will combat with this habit and will make you a patient person but don’t think that one session will help you; in fact, your investment of time and urge of getting rid through this habit will make your acupuncture sessions successful.

10. Alleviates migraine



Severe headache, blurred vision and nausea are the cardinal symptoms of the migraine. While suffering from the migraine attack, the pill is the ultimate option to get the optimal relieve but surprisingly, acupuncture can also treat the migraine. When the nerves carry the signals to the brain after the insertion of the pins and needles in the skin, the pain centers in the brain begin to depress; eventually, the migraine pain reduced to some extent.

Canadian medical association Journal reported a study on migraine and acupuncture that the migraine pain can be alleviated, if the acupuncture sessions are conducted for a few weeks. Hence, if you’re even suffering from the mild attack of the migraine, then you should seek the acupuncture clinic nearby your home.


However, acupuncture has also shown significance in the treatment of the nausea, leucopenia, knee pain, stroke and rheumatoid arthritis. So, acupuncture is full of benefits and thanks to Chinese traditions for sharing such a wonderful form of medicine with the rest of the world.

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