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Canadian groom sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride and it’s lovely!

Love has no boundary and Frank Gregoire, the Canadian groom proved it. His romantic surprise left his Indian bride Simran Malhotra in happy tears. Wow!

Love has no bounds and so every couple wants to make their Wedding a super memorable one. Frank Gregoire did the same. On his wedding with Simran Malhotra, he gave a surprise to Simran and left her awestruck.

The Canadian groom worked all hard for learning a Hindi song. Simran in her wedding gown was not expecting such a romantic gesture and was shocked when she heard Frank singing ‘Tum Hi Ho’, the most loved song from Aashiqui 2. What’s next? The moment she heard him singing that song, her eyes were full of tears. Happy Tears!

Everyone present over there and also from Simran’s side were awestruck by Frank’s surprise. Frank beautifully sung that song without any flaw which can totally show that how much people love each others culture. At the end, one person from Groom’s side again surprised Simran, by telling her another word in Canadian French which she never knew about.

Image and Video Source: Youtube

This is the Power Of Love; Beautiful and Adorable.

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