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25 Quotes that will show the love towards LGBT people! #LoveWins!

LGBT marriage has been officially legalized in all the 50 states of United States of America that proves #LoveWins. Here are some 25 amazing LGBT Quotes.

In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday, 26th June 2015, that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage in all the 50 States of America.

This news has made not only made LGBT family happy but also others who support them for who they are.

Here are some quotes and images relating to the LGBT family that will get you feel happy for them too!

1. He tweeted the perfect sentence! #LoveWins

2. It was so delightful to see that so many people supported this day and changed their accounts icon into the rainbow (LGBT) love-flag. #LoveWins

lgbt logo


3. Well said! #LoveWins

lgbt quote


4. We love Daniel! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Daniel Radcliffe


5. Yes, People are People! Respect them! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Judith Light


6. Answer that! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Lucille Ball


7. Feel the love. #LoveWins

lgbt love matters quote


8. It’s just a Marriage! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Pink


9. Love and Love! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Frank Ocean


10. Why should we discriminate between those people who love their same gender? #LoveWins

lgbt quote love same gender


11. Tell me? #LoveWins

lgbt support quote


12. Silly! #LoveWins

support lgbt marriage


13. Hatred against homosexual people but why? #LoveWins

lgbt quote homosexuality


14. Yes! #LoveWins

lgbt another name

15. Agreed! #LoveIsLove #LoveWins

lgbt quote Barack Obama

16. It is the only thing that matters! #LoveWins

lgbt quote John Lennon


17. Neither can you judge people on the basis of whom they love. #LoveWins

lgbt quote Nelson Mandela


18. Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. #LoveWins

lgbt 16

19. Do you have any answer? #LoveWins

lgbt gay can marry quote

20. Love whom you want! Nobody dares tell you anything! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Al Pacino

21. We agree with you Will! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Will Smith

22. Daniel, you made us proud! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Daniel Radcliffe

23. So don’t be an animal! #LoveWins

lgbt support gay rights quote


24. Do you get that? #LoveWins

lgbt marriage is about love


25. Read it twice! #LoveWins

lgbt quote Colin Powell

(All Images Source: Pinterest)

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