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7 Things A Person Obsessed With Their Car Could Relate To!

Everybody has a passion, but very few are obsessed with Cars. Each time they get a chance to talk about theirs or any car, they would never step back!

‘Live to Drive’ is the motto of life for many people. They treat their car as their second love, especially in metro cities where most of the time is spent in travelling. May it be a sporty or classy car, here are 7 things you can relate to if you are obsessed with it:


1. Small scar on car = Drama

Even by mistake if someone touches the car or vice versa, the small unnoticeable scratch that is created leaves them no less than a drama queen. You would actually get confused if they are having some serious life problem or was that a small scratch on the vehicle.

Crying gif


2. Address the car with a name given!

As weird as this sound, people obsessed with their vehicle keep names for it, address it with respect and sometimes even discuss their feelings. From Hema Malini’s ‘Dhanno’ in Sholay to Priyanka Chopra’s car ‘Blush’ in Anjaana Anjaani, a lot of movies have shown this to be common.

car gif


3. Keep bragging about its features

We all love to talk about our car be its color, the mileage, its cost etc. Well, it can be really difficult for the person on the receiving end. But the love and obsession is way too much to understand anything else.

stop it gif


4. Sometimes we become extremely Possessive

Possessiveness’ definition may be different with every other person – not letting anyone to drive/choosy about with whom it’s shared/don’t like to hear any facts about the vehicle etc. No doubt you love your friend but still the love for our vehicle is just a bit more than them.

my car gif


5. Always believes that our car playlist is the best

We believe that we are a born RJ/DJ with very a well sense of music and then create a playlist of our choice. We also want anyone traveling along with us to appreciate it.

car playlist gif


6. Forever ready for long drive

The obsession for cars can be beneficial for the friends, as anytime you ask them for a long drive the answer would never disappoint you. They consider going on long drives as a treat for your car.

car ride gif


7. East or West, ‘My car is the best’

People may suggest us with any new car that is launched, but we would always have some reason as to why we aren’t interested in it and why our car is the best.

Best gif


It’s not just a Car…. It’s a CAAAAAAAAAR

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