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14 Types Of “Beep” People We See Daily!

We daily come across some weird people. But then there are few who just cross their limits and makes us irritate and for that we do abuse them in our mind.

In this huge world, we meet hundreds of people, some of them are good and some of them are totally irritating that we just want to punch them on the face. These kinds of people are responsible for every kind of stupid acts happening in the country. From the trash to the noise pollution they are responsible but they always start giving lectures to others when someone tells them about their bad habits. Here is the list of some silliest people we often see on the roads and in our surroundings. Seriously, we hate them.

1. The Trashers:

There are trash cans everywhere for our ease, so that we can throw the trash in the bin not outside the bin but still some people don’t understand its use. They always throw trash out of the bin to make the place dirtier and then people like them follow each other.

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2. The Racist:

People should tell them that the racist is one of the worst thing they are promoting in our society. For their son who looks like a black gorilla wants “Gori” bahu with lots of dowry. Do you guys have any sense? No girl would want to become your daughter-in-law!

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3. The Selfie Monkeys:

No matter where they are, on someone’s funeral, on an accident location or with someone who is sick. They just want to take a selfie to be an over smart person and upload on social media like they are doing a very nice thing. Your birth was a mistake actually.

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4. The Judgmental:

These kinds of people can judge anyone by their dress sense. If a girl is wearing a skirt then she is a slut, but if a girl is wearing a salwar suit, then she is a most pious girl on this planet. WTH..!!

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5. Desi Burgers:

“Desi burgers” is a phrase used to describe people who love foreign and even a sweeper from the America can impress them, but a Ph.D. doctor in our country can’t impress them. After all, they are “Desi Burgers”.

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6. The Self-Obsessed Guy/Girl:

These guys and girls think that nobody can say no to them because they are the most amazing people on this planet. If someone is saying no to them or asking them to stop doing this nonsense, then they start spreading rumors about them. Totally brainless.

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7. The Loud Speakers:

They love to speak everything in a loud voice unnecessarily. These people could never learn to talk slowly in a slow voice. Well, maybe they seem less educated about the voice pollution.

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8. The Spitters:

We can find them everywhere in any country, in any city and in any society. They just need a clean wall to spit out the “Paan”. They are natural designers and they love to make designs over the wall with their gross spit. They should spit over their face actually.

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9. The Phone Addicted:

They can leave the world to use their phone and they don’t have any manners to use the phone. When someone is calling them they will talk so loudly that the person standing a little far away from them can hear the conversation too. No manners at all.

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10. The Question Paper:

They are like a question paper because they ask never ending questions. “What about your career?” “What are you doing right now in college?”, “You told me you were preparing for the medical test, what happened next?”, “What are your future plans?”, “Where are you planning to do a job”. JUST .SHUT. UP.

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11. The “Sasti” Shopaholic:

They are going to the Sunday market for the shopping and purchasing cheap things in the name of brand, but when it comes to show off, they will make you feel inferior in the whole world. But actually they are making a fool of themselves

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12. The Stalkers:

There is nothing more irritating than the Facebook stalkers. The only purpose of their birth is to stalk girls and to message them with their hundreds of fake Id’s. They should be jailed for the cyber crime.

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13. The Awkward Fashion Freaks:

They are looking like an alien from some other planet but still they are going to wear it because they like it. If someone is doing the same thing, then they will make fun of it. Bunch of idiots.

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14. Money Makers:

They will convince you anyway to purchase their items so that they can make money and for them money is the only God. If you have money then, they are your friend but, if you are poor then they will never look back at you.

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We don’t have any solution for these people, all we can do is to give them a deadly stare, maybe it would work.

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