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21 Smarter Uses of Salt Other Than Cooking

Salt is one of the most dynamic minerals in the world, with so many uses of salt, you can save money in your day-to-day workflow by using them other than cooking.

How many uses of salt do you know? According to the Salt Institute, about 14,000! I can’t think of another more versatile mineral and so many uses of salt.

All of us know the primary use of Salt is for cooking, but who knew that other than cooking we could use salt in more than a dozen of ways!

There are many forms of salt produced for consumption (and by default, housekeeping!) and here are some uses of salt:

  • Unrefined salt (such as sea salt),
  • Refined salt (table salt),
  • Iodized salt.

The best uses of salt for consumption are the most unrefined salts like sea salt and Himalayan salt which has the highest inorganic minerals. But for cleaning purposes you can use any salt.

In case you’re wondering, Epsom salt is an entirely different animal: magnesium sulfate to be exact (which is salt that I consider to be, essentially, miraculous).

However, earlier salt was very challenging to obtain but with modern production methods, salt is readily available mineral available for cheap. In fact, the supply of salt is inexhaustible. Our Grandmothers would have surely known many of these, how many do you know?

Let’s find out the ways you can put common uses of salt to good use at your home for Cleaning, Personal Care and Household:


1. Uses of Salt: Clean greasy pans

List of Uses for Salt

The greasiest iron pan will easily wash if you use a little salt in it and wipe with paper towels.

2. Clean stained cups

remove tea stain using salt

Source: AllHomeIdeas

Mix salt with a dab of dish soap to remove stubborn coffee and tea stains. This is certainly my favorite use of salt other than cooking.

3. Clean sink drains

clean sink drains

Pour salt mixed and hot water down the kitchen sink regularly to deodorize and keep away grease from building up.

4. Remove water rings

remove water rings

Source: homedit

Gently rub a thin paste of salt with vinegar, vegetable oil, or lemon on the white marks caused by beverage glasses and hot dishes, on wooden tables.

5. Restoring sponges

soak sponge in water

Source: BlogSpo

After you have washed your sponges, give them a new life by soaking them in cold salted water.

6. Remove perspiration stains

perspiration stains


Add four tablespoons of salt to one quart of hot water and sponge the fabric with the solution until stains fade. This use of salt can be life savior.

7. Clean a gunky iron bottom

clean iron

Source: Kanald

Sprinkle a little salt on the floor and run the hot iron over it to remove rough, sticky spots.

8. Clean fish tanks

clean fish tank

Source: Instructables

Rub the inside of fish tanks with salt to remove hard water deposits, and then rinse well before returning the fish to the tank. Use only plain, not iodized, salt.


9. Extend toothbrush life


Source: The Dental Check

Soak toothbrushes in salt water before your first use; they’ll last longer.

10. Clean teeth

teeth clean

Source: PinIMG

Use one part fine salt to two parts baking soda–dip your toothbrush in the mix and brush as usual.

11. Rinse your mouth

Mouth Rinse using salt

Source: TopHealthRemedies

Mix equal parts salt and baking soda in water for a fresh and deodorizing mouth rinse.

12. Relieving bee stings


Source: CanadianBasics

If stung, immediately wet the spot and cover with salt to relieve the pain.

13. Treat mosquito bites

Mosquito bite


A saltwater soak can do wonders for that special mosquito-bite itch or salt mixed with olive oil can help too.

14. Exfoliating dry skin


Source: DeadSeaSpaCare

After bathing and while still wet give yourself a massage with dry salt. It exfoliates dead skin particles and boosts blood circulation.

15. Ease throat pain

Gargle using salt

The oldest method we know, mixing salt and warm water gargle to relieve a sore throat.

16. Applying facial

facial scrub

Source: TheMotherHuddle

For a stimulating facial, mix equal parts of salt and olive oil and gently massage the face and throat with long upward and inward strokes. Remove mixture after five minutes and wash face.


17. Prohibit ants

no ants allowed

Source: Cloudfront

Sprinkle salt at doorways, window sills and anywhere else ants sneak into your house. Ants don’t like to walk on salt.

18. Deodorizing shoes

deodorizing shoes

Source: WordPress

Sprinkling a little salt occasionally in canvas shoes will take up the moisture and help remove odors.

19. Keep cut flowers fresh

Fresh Flowers

Source: GiftTree

A dash of salt added to the water in a flower vase will keep cut flowers, fresh longer.

20. Cleaning flower vases

To remove deposits caused by flowers and water, rub with salt; if you cannot reach the deposits to rub them, put a strong salt solution in the vase and shake, then wash the vase with soap and water.

21. Drip-proof candles

drip proof candles

Source: PinIMG

Cool, isn’t it?

We are sure you weren’t aware of most of them, but now you do know multiple uses of salt; So Keep Salting! 😀

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