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14 Foods for Improving your Vision!

The feeling of watching everything blurry due to low vision power is not at all interesting. Try these 14 food which will help you to improve your vision!

With the help of the accurate and intact vision, we’re able to perceive, analyze and give remarks about any object. Our eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ, which is responsible for the vision by converting the light and converting it into the chemical impulses. Though, our eyes seem that our eyes are not too much complex organ; but surprisingly, these smallest organs are composed of too many structures, which results in clearer and complete vision.

Besides with eating the carrots, there are many other foods, which enhance the function of the eyes and strengthen the structural capability of its every tiny part. Along with maintaining the health of the eyes, we should also eat the foods which can protect our eyesight as well.

Eyes problem is the sight-threatening condition, almost a third population is suffering from the nearsightedness and about 60% population having the farsightedness. Though, we can’t reverse back the degenerative condition, but we can maintain, control and strengthen the eyes health by including the eye function-boosting –foods. So, we’re here discussing the top foods which can take your eye health to the next level.

1. Eggs

egg omelette


We all are using the eggs to add shine in our hairs and to tighten our skin but, besides with these benefits, eggs also contain the Lutein- a yellow pigmented antioxidant, which helps in enhancing the vision capability.

As age-related macular degeneration occurs due to the deterioration of the macula (tiny back area of the eyes), it reduces the resolution power of sharp central vision which makes our daily activities like reading, driving and color differentiation ability difficult. But the lutein present in the egg yolks taper down the degeneration process of the macula and preserves its quality for long time.

Not only egg yolks are enriched with the lutein; yet, other fruits and vegetables are also having the abundant quality of it but the researchers reveal that the egg yolks contain the greatest quantity of lutein than the other food items. Make sure to use the olive oil while frying the eggs, it’ll increase the absorption rate of lutein in your cells.

2. Fish



It is the optimal source of Omga-3 fatty acids, which makes our heart healthy, empowers the brain’s function and improves the calcium in our bones. But when it comes to the eyesight strength, the omega-3 fatty acid prevents the macular degeneration. Some reports also suggested that the chances of cataracts are also decreased with the help of the sufficient fish uptake.

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines- the cold water fish are the ultimate source of the omega-3 fatty acids. Try to eat fish at least once in a week; however, the fish oil supplements or vegetarian oil is the best substitute of the fish.

3. Green vegetables

Green Vegetables


Spinach, collard greens, and kale have the powerful nutrients’ namely, lutein and zeaxanthin which can leave the miraculous impact on your eye’s health. As the importance of lutein is described above, it has the ability to boost the macula’s function; thus, reducing the chances of the macular degeneration.

Botanically, zeaxanthin performs the function of light absorption in the plants and it also stops the plant damage from too much sunlight but in humans, it protects the penetration of blue light (high energy light ray emitted by the sunlight) in the underlying structures of the eyes. If the blue light is penetrated in a higher amount, it can damage our macula.

Green leafy vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins which will leave the overall effect on the body; simply, their effects are widespread. So, try to eat a bowl of salad as a snack or in your dinner time to get the boost of powerful nutrients in one serving.

4. Carrots



We can’t deny the powerful impact of the carrot on the vision improvement. We often hear about the results of the carrot juice while enhancing the eyesight after any disease but do you why the carrots are too much effective for our eye health? Because, it contains the special type of Vitamin A, namely beta-carotene which provides the shielding effect to the retina and makes the eyes function smoothly.

5. Tomatoes



In every desi dish, tomatoes are used as the major ingredient which amplifies the taste of the particular recipe. According to the health perspective, lycopene is the nutrient, which makes tomato different from other foods. It reduces the radical damage and provides protection at the tissue level. Perhaps, tomatoes are the must add food in your any sort of meal.

6. Garlic



It is the superfood, which can provide us other functions as well along with regulating the eyes health and protection from the free radicals. It has the eye-nutrients including selenium, vitamin C, and quercetin, which collectively produce the improvement in the vision. Well, make sure that you’re adding the ginger garlic paste in your meals while cooking them.

7. Whole grains

Whole grains


They’re the absolute source of the fiber, which is popular to manage the weight, but its benefits are not limited yet, it is also good for keeping the eyesight intact. Apart from shielding us from the macular degeneration, it is also packed with the niacin, zinc and vitamin E, which reduce the risk of many eye-related-diseases.

The diet, which favors the low-glycemic-index, also favors the reduced risks of age-related macular degeneration. So, consume the brown bread, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat and pasta on a daily basis to maintain your healthy diet as well.

8. Fruits



Thanks to the God, who had blessed us the delicious foods that are packed with the different nutrition, leaving a positive impact on our health status.

Blueberries are also the best source antioxidants. It contains the vitamin C, fiber and the flavinoids (powerful antioxidants) that encourages the multiple protections to the different parts of the body; it is also considered as the superfood and that’s why we call it as the brain berries. It’ll protect the retina of our eyes from the harmful rays and reduce the oxygen damage.

Citrus fruits are the multi-purpose-foods, which can give a variety of benefits at a time like it is good for your immune system and increases the healing process. But recently, researchers at the Oregon Health & Science University reported that our retinas need the sufficient amount of vitamin C for augmenting the nerve cells function and improving the eyesight.

Orange and grapefruit juice are suggested to reduce the chances of the cataracts. So, make the different flavored fresh fruit juices to let your taste buds exposed to new flavors.

9. Nuts



Dry fruits are also potent nutrient providers in our body. Don’t predict their nutrient value from their size; though, they’re small in size but their nutrient packaging is almost equal to the other nutrient-rich –foods.  They’re high in Vitamin E which helps in slowing down the initiation of the macular deterioration; thus, delays the degeneration process.

About one handful of the nuts daily is enough to complete the essential minerals and vitamin supply to the body. You can munch on the almonds, pistachio and walnuts before having the breakfast to change your mood, produce vibrant energy and stabilize your hemodynamic status. So, nuts are the healthy option to kick starts your day to excel in every circumstance!

10. Legumes and Beans

legumes and beans


Another great source of fiber, which promotes the betterment of the eye functions and minimize the chances of the cataract development. There are a wide variety of the legumes and beans available in all over the world like kidney beans, black beans, black-eyed peas and lentils, which can give us the ample supply of the potassium, zinc, flavonoids and magnesium; thus, improving our vision.

11. Oysters and liver

Oysters and liver


If essential minerals and vitamins including zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamin A, E and C  are not enough supplied to the eye’s structure, its function will be automatically compromised, which will results in the cataracts and poor night vision. Oysters and livers are the nutrient-rich- food, which amplify the nutrient ratio in the body.

12. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds


It is packed with the zinc, lutein, selenium, vitamin E and C; thus, it can help you to prevent glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration, which usually occurs due to the poor blood supply and malnutrition to the eyeballs. Sunflower seeds can increase your vision and can progress your current condition towards the betterment.

14. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate


Don’t eat chocolate due to the strict dieting? Well, you have an excuse now for fulfilling your cravings of the chocolate. Dark chocolate is the eye-nutrient which is good for your eyes. Flavinoids presents in the dark chocolates protect the blood vessels of the eyes and strengthen the eye lens and cornea. However, if you’re following any strict diet plan then decrease the serving of the dark chocolate.


Our eyes are more than a blessing for all of us; we can’t even imagine the life without them. So, by simply including the above described foods in your daily diet can maintain your eyes health. Hence, eat for your achieving the better vision!

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