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13 Healthy and Delicious Snacks to binge on while Dieting

It is very difficult to control the hunger pangs while dieting. We often end up eating what we were supposed to avoid. Try these healthy snacks instead.

There is a zillion of snacks packets out in the market, but it doesn’t mean that you would load the grocery cart with all those unhealthy stuff. Either you’re dieting clean or not, snacks are the important portion in between your meal time. Whenever you feel hungry, you would munch on the unhealthy snacks, which is bad for your health.

Just suppose, you’ve finished your workout right away and now you’re feeling very hungry. So, what would you do to cope with those hunger pang? Would you choose the big-value-pack of the chips or would you prefer the healthy grapefruit?

Midday snacks should be limited in quantity and calories, but it should be higher in nutrients. The biggest mistake that most of the dieters make during their dieting phase is that they do not consider the snacks as an important part of their meal and would instead do longer rest intervals in between the consecutive meals. That shouldn’t be done. Because it’s far much important to have short snacks instead of no snacks at all.

The starvation idea is neither good and nor the little starving is. In fact, you should keep your diet in moderation. You can replace your old, dull and bore snacks with the below healthy ones.

 1. Sliced tomato sprinkled with the feta and olive oil

Sliced tomato


Bored of eating the simple salad? How about making the lunch more delicious? Cut the tomatoes in slices and then sprinkle the feta and olive oil over it. It’s totally optional either you want to bake it or not.

Tomatoes are full of antioxidants, which can wash away all the toxins from your body. But, on the other hand, the olive oil and feta cheese contain low-carbs. Simply, this snack will amplify the flavors of your prepared lunch.

2. Almonds



A handful of almonds before breakfast are the best way to be fit and healthy in your life. Including magnesium and copper, almonds are also abundant in Vitamin E. In an experiment, it is revealed that those who ate the handful of almonds in a day felt full for a longer time than those who didn’t eat the almonds.

But, you should not exceed the serving size of the almonds more than one ounce in a day. You can apply the same rule for other nuts as well, but almonds can aid you in losing weight more appropriately.

3. Black coffee

Black coffee


While losing weight, it is highly suggested that the regular tea and coffee should be replaced with the black coffee. It is believed that the black coffee can increase your metabolism, burning more fat and calories.

Start your day with the black coffee for not only keeping your waist within the ideal inches but also for improving your concentration power and productivity.

4. Grapefruits


Ever wondered that why grapefruit is highly recommended fruit for all the dieters? Well, grapefruit is an amazing blessing. Its citrus richness can boost up your immunity, maintain the youthfulness of the skin and prevent many cancers.

Grapefruits are also known as the ‘diet food’. In fact, it is noted that the people who ate the grapefruit with each meal certainly lost up to 3 and ½ pounds over 3 months. If you can’t control yourself from the unhealthy cravings like doughnuts, cakes, pastries and muffins, you should replace them with the grapefruits.

Want to read more about the benefits of grapefruits? Check the 18 benefits of having a grapefruit.

5. Chickpeas


While watching a movie or any of your favorite drama, chew the chickpeas instead of the potato chips. Chickpeas are extremely beneficial for the dieters and it is one of the best ways to control your appetite.  Keep the chickpeas in your kitchen. Additionally, you can make your salad bowl more nutritious by including the chickpeas in it.

Do you know why you feel full after eating the boiled chickpeas bowl? Well, they are packed with the high amount of the fiber along with the little protein. That’s why; it is perfect when you’re struggling with managing your weight. I would suggest you to roast the chickpeas so that it flavors enhances and you would enjoy the crunchy snacks.

6. Bananas



Potassium packed bananas can aid in losing weight. When you eat a banana, it eventually increases the metabolism, which somewhat increases the fat burning rate. As a result, you’ll burn more and achieve your ideal weight. As a plus point, bananas can also prevent many life-threatening conditions.

Must read: why you should eat full ripe bananas with dark patches?

7. Popcorns



Popcorns are a great source of fiber. But, try to avoid the microwave baked popcorns because, in a few recent studies, some researchers concluded that the packaging of the microwave popcorns is causing cancers. So, be more cautious while purchasing the dozens of the microwave popcorns packets. It’s okay to have the popcorns thrice in a week.

8. Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurt


Most of the nutritionists recommend the plain yogurt with each meal while dieting. As many of us don’t like the simple yogurt, try the different flavored yogurt.

As a beginner, it might be difficult to eat the raw vegetables. But to make it more interesting, add all the vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, carrots etc in the plain yogurt along with the sauces and spices you like the most. Your problem is solved!

9. Hummus



Are you planning a snack that will provide you the greatest amount of carbohydrates as well as protein till the dinner? Hummus will help you to load your stomach with the good fibers and proteins.

Hummus is a popular creamy dip made up of the chickpeas, tahini, sesame seeds, lemon, and ginger paste. In the Middle East, hummus is served with almost every food. Though there are many myths that the hummus contains too many calories and it is not healthy at all, but the fact is that the hummus is low in calories and it is very good for your health.

Homemade hummus will not only save your money, yet, you’ll get the biggest boost of all the nutrients. Try the combination of hummus with the handful of almonds and orange.

10. Oatmeal



Can we have oatmeal as a snack as well? Of course! Oatmeal is not specified for breakfast only. In fact, you can have a bowl of oatmeal whenever your hunger strikes. While dieting, we all follow the golden rule * eat the short and light meals instead of big and heavy meals*. Despite being fibrous in nature, oatmeal is also the great source of the protein. Hence, oatmeal can be considered as the snack.

11. Carrots


Carrots, reddish, crunchy carrots are the suitable substitute for many unhealthy foods. You can have smoothies with carrot or can drink the carrot juice daily. Since, the carrots are popular for making your skin flawless, they are also high in fiber content and antioxidants, making your diet more balanced and maintained.

Don’t forget to pick the carrots when you go for the vegetable shopping next time.

12. Strawberries



With their sweet and tangy flavors, strawberries can give the new flavors to your taste buds. No one can resist from them. So mix few strawberries with the low-calorie milk along with the few slices of the banana in the blender and the delicious drink is ready!

13. Whole wheat toast with egg whites

egg white toast


Again, it sounds like the breakfast recipe, but the duo of the fiber and the proteins will let you be energized throughout the day, regardless either you’ve eaten that after 2 to 3 hours of a meal.

During the dieting phase, your hairs may be damaged or even your skin may become dull. Egg whites will help to sustain the collagen of the skin and make your skin intact. You can keep this sandwich in your lunchbox before leaving the office.

There are many organic products that can complete your snack cravings. The best option for the snacks is the naturally-gifted- fruits and vegetables. Along with leaving the positive impact on your body, these can also prevent many health problems.

Surely, synthetic foods are not equal to the natural food products from any end. Synthetic foods are all about the flavors with minimal positive impact on health; on the other hand, the natural foods have the long-lasting, optimal and positive impacts on your body. So, try these snacks which will actually benefit you.


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